Strange Bundle Thrown Over Border Fence, Officers Make Shocking Find When They Open It Up

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An Arizona police officer discovered a 140-pound bundle (above) which had been hurled over the border fence.

On Monday afternoon, authorities discovered that a strange bundle had been thrown over the fence which divides the United States from Mexico near Douglas, Arizona. When a Douglas Police Department officer opened it up, he made quite the shocking find.

DPD received two 911 calls at around 2 p.m. on Monday regarding bundles being launched over the border fence. When an officer responded, he found a large bundle containing 140 pounds of marijuana which had broken on impact, exposing multiple smaller bundles inside. 

According to Douglas Dispatch, Border Patrol agents from the Douglas Station searched the surrounding area with the help of other officers, but they did not locate any additional bundles. The marijuana was taken to the Douglas port of entry for weighing and processing.

The officer who found the 140-pound bundle was working within Operation Stonegarden:

Operation Stonegarden, managed by the U.S. Border Patrol, funds state, local and tribal agencies for overtime worked in support of border security to target transnational criminal organizations. They also receive specialized technology and equipment to help them combat transnational criminal organizations during these operations. [Source: Breaking 911]

This unsettling report highlights one of the major issues with our porous Southern Border, which is sometimes overlooked as we focus on negative impacts of rampant illegal immigration facing our country. Not only can undocumented immigrants enter the U.S. without an impenetrable barrier separating us from Mexico, but drugs can easily be brought in as well.

It is unknown why the 140-pound bundle of marijuana arrived in Arizona. Perhaps, it was left there and intended for a dealer to pick up and distribute within the United States. Perhaps, it was thrown over the wall by someone who simply needed to get it out of their possession quickly, but that seems less likely. Whatever the case, a vast amount of drugs ended up in our country because our border is wide open, and those drugs would have ended up on our streets had they not been discovered by Douglas PD first.

This is just one in a slew of important reasons why it is so imperative that a border wall is constructed and soon. Fortunately, President Donald Trump realizes as much and is working diligently to secure our border, a promise he made to the American people during his presidential campaign. Now, if the misguided Democrats would only get out of his way and allow him to do it.

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