Bus Driver’s Note To Parents Goes Viral After What Kids Did To Boy On Bus

In Princeton, New Jersey, a bus driver wrote a note to the parents of a set of siblings on her bus. She felt compelled to write the note after what she caught the two kids doing on the bus and felt that she could no longer keep silent. Now, it has unexpectedly gone viral.

Cindy Clausen (Source: Facebook)

Cindy Clausen is the bus driver of Bus #50 in Princeton, New Jersey. After being aware of how people seem to be on edge and acting out violently across America, she was absolutely stunned when she caught two students on her bus route doing something that she never expected — they were being kind to a child who has a disability.

After the two kids, named Jorge and Annaliese, had repeatedly shown kindness to a boy named Jackson, Cindy felt compelled to write a letter and tell their parents what they had done. Once the letter made it on the Facebook page Love What Matters, it has since gone viral.

Bus Driver Writes Note To Parents After What She Caught Kids Doing On Bus
The note (Source: Love What Matters)

“I am compelled to write to tell you how beautiful your children are, inside and out! This can only come from the home, your patience and guidance, the examples that you set and teach,” Cindy began, according to Facebook. “I have a child on the bus named Jackson. Both of your children have shown him much compassion and support. Every day your children ask if they can sit with Jackson. Some days Jackson is a little sad getting on the bus but as soon as he sees Annaliese and Jorge he smiles. Jackson has difficulties walking and it takes a bit for him to get to his seat,” she continued.

However, on one particular day, Annaliese “looked out from around her seat and said, ‘come on Jackson, you can do it’ and when we arrived at school Jorge took it upon himself to carry out his backpack!” Cindy recalled before she concluded, “I know you know how wonderful your children are, but I wanted you to know that it shows!”

In a country where every American wonders about what the future may bring, our spirits can be lifted by the kind hearts of these children. For the first time in a long time, our children have a promising future. When you pair that with parents who are showing their kids with kindness and a little bit of hard work, there will be no question whether our forefathers would be proud about the road we are headed down.

I love everything about this story. These children are kind and polite, and they have parents who have taught them well. Another human being saw their kindness and took the time to acknowledge it, and this must have been a beautiful moment for the parents to read this note. This is a great parenting goal right here. You don’t need your child to be the smartest in their class, but it would certainly be great if they were one of the kindest. This is how you win at parenting.