After Bush-Bashing Prof Calls Barbara ‘Racist,’ Rush Reveals 1 Thing We All Missed

The situation over at Fresno State is deteriorating following the scandal wherein professor Randa Jarrar, who has declared herself untouchable because she is tenured, tweeted that she is “happy the witch is dead” after the death of Barbara Bush. Now, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has spoken, revealing the one scary thing everyone missed about this ordeal.

Former first lady and presidential mother Barbara Bush (left), Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar (center), Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh (right) (Photo Credit: Tom Ervin/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Screen Capture via The Rush Limbaugh Show, Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Former first lady and presidential mother Barbara Bush passed away in Texas on Tuesday evening surrounded by her beloved family. Tomorrow, her funeral service will be held at St. Martin’s Church in Houston. In the wake of her death, Americans from sea to shining sea are mourning the loss of a true patriot and a pillar of faith. Everyone, that is, except Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar.

In response to Mrs. Bush’s death, Jarrar tweeted, “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words.” She added, “Either you are against these pieces of [excrement] and their genocidal ways or you’re part of the problem. That’s actually how simple this is. I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way a million and a half Iraqis have. Byyyeeeeeeee.”

This is difficult to stomach in and of itself, but it is even more concerning when you consider the fact that Randa Jarrar is not alone in her opinion. According to Rush, Fresno State’s tenured faculty member isn’t just some unhinged “wacko,” she is “classically representative of today’s American Left.” Rush added, “They’re demented, they are deranged, and they’re getting worse,” before reflecting in amazement, “This woman is a professor! This woman is teaching young skulls full of mush the drivel and the poison and the hatred that she harbors.”

Rush said, “This professor is probably a microcosm of the American Left today and the Democrat Party, which thinks that it is going to sweep to a landslide blue wave victory in November.” He continued, “And what is the agenda? What is the platform of this group? This leftist cabal that think they run the country, look at what they’re doing now. They’re depending on a lying porn star/hooker to somehow help them get rid of Donald Trump, after their fake Russia investigation failed to convince the American public that it was true.”

According to The Daily Wire, Rush added, “And now we have a narcissistic and very b-i-itchy type of former FBI director who’s running around trying to make all of this about him in that he’s the last Boy Scout, he’s the last honorable guy, and he’s doing what he can to save America in this regard,” obviously referring to former FBI director James Comey.

“They continue to invest and support Planned Parenthood, which is a baby-killing organization for which they’re very proud and supportive. They believe in raising taxes. They don’t like this last tax cut, and they think it ought to be taken away. And last but not least, they’re going out of their way to protect illegal immigrants over American citizens!” he exclaimed.

“And somehow these people — with this professorette from Fresno State kind of today leading the way — think this is what’s going to deliver them a landslide victory, a blue wave? They are so out of it, they don’t even have any awareness of the other America that is actually making the country work, who those people are, what their values are. Because they hate them. They resent them. They hate them and resent them simply because those people oppose them in the left,” Rush concluded.

Randa Jarrar is, indeed, representative of the progressive left these days, which is a very scary notion. It is even scarier when you consider the fact that it is her job to impart her “wisdom” on the impressionable minds of American college students. It’s no wonder our academic institutions are churning out a generation of socialists when you see the filth teaching their classes.

This begs a series of very important questions: Why are we sending our precious children to these institutions? Why are we paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars to indoctrinate the young people we have worked so hard to raise with good morals and solid values? As conservatives, we must find a solution.

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