Bush Leaves Waitress Huge Tip, But Her Reaction Leaves People Fuming

Leave it to the liberal college crowd to take a kindly gesture and politicize it. George and Laura Bush were recently out dining at a local eatery when the waitress asked for a pic, and the Bushes graciously complied. George also left the local college co-ed a hefty tip, but the waitress would do something so outrageous and disrespectful, people were left fuming. Chalk it up to the far leftist mindset gone wild.

As George and Laura Bush finished their meal at a local diner in Texas, the former President and his wife received a bill of $21.47. George, being the nice man he is, left the waitress a $40 dollar tip. Then, the waitress asked them if they would pose for a pic with her. They happily did it, before going on their way.

Later, the waitress posted the pic to Twitter with an insulting and disrespectful message:

George Bush left this waitress a $40 tip; what she did after has everyone OUTRAGED - Allen B
Laura Bush (left), George Bush (middle), Waitress (right)

Social media users on Tweeter lashed out at the waitress, letting her know this was not at all the way she should repay kindness.

Then the waitress claimed she was only kidding:


After looking into this girl, we found that she is a Hillary lover, so we aren’t buying her “I really didn’t mean it” excuse. It was an inappropriate response to kindness. She also relates that she only thought her close friends would see the tweet. That only proves she meant it, and only after exposure did she become totally embarrassed.

We will give her only this, she is young. Hopefully, she will learn a big lesson from this. Maybe those friends she was tweeting it for will too. Today’s youth are so far to the left and brainwashed, they need a good kick in the ass. They need to wake up and learn what a gift it is to live in the best country in the world and the sacrifices many made so they could be free.

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