Communist Governor Makes CA 1st ‘Sanctuary State,’ Trump Responds With Much Better Idea

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California officially became the county’s first “sanctuary state” last week, when Communist Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation which bars authorities from asking individuals about their legal status and prevents law enforcement from cooperating with the feds on immigration. However, no sooner had Brown’s signature dried than President Donald Trump responded with a much better idea when it comes to the way we should be treating those who are in our country illegally.

President Donald Trump (left), stock image to visually represent illegal aliens (center), CA Governor Jerry Brown (right) (Photo Credit: Shawn Thew/Bloomberg/Getty Images, ncbronte/FlickerU.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District/Wiki Commons)

California’s new sanctuary law will take effect on January 1, 2018. And, it’s a pathetic way to ring in the new year, to be sure. However, it is unlikely that the legislation will have much effect at all, much to Governor Brown’s dismay, because President Trump’s federal immigration task force apparently has no intention of paying heed to Brown’s bill offering illegals “sanctuary.”

California became the first sanctuary state last week, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement does not care.

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said his agency had “no choice” other than to apprehend illegal aliens in California work sites and neighborhoods despite Gov. Jerry Brown signing the sanctuary legislation. [Source: BizPac Review]

Homan warned that California’s new law would encourage illegals to flock to the state. “Ultimately, SB54 helps shield removable aliens from immigration enforcement and creates another magnet for more illegal immigration, all at the expense of the safety and security of the very people it purports to protect,” he explained in a statement on the ICE website.

“Despite the severe challenges that this law creates for ICE, we remain committed to our public safety mission and we will continue to do our sworn duty to seek out dangerous criminal aliens and other immigration violators,” added Homan. “ICE seeks straightforward cooperation with all sheriffs and local elected officials. This misguided legislation will severely undermine those efforts.”

Governor Brown signed SB54 just over two years after the death of Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot in San Fransisco by Juan Francisco López-Sánchez, a criminal illegal alien who had been deported multiple times but was still in the country, thanks to Obama-era immigration laws. This is certainly a slap in the face to her surviving family.

However, the United States has never had a Commander-in-Chief as tough on illegal immigration as President Donald Trump, and as such, his administration, including ICE, is working diligently to curb the onslaught of illegal aliens our country faces. Thankfully, this hardline stance on immigration comes at a time when we could not be more in need of such an approach. When Barack Obama left office, there were more illegal aliens in the U.S. than ever before. Millions of men, women, and children from south of the border are still in our country, collecting benefits intended for natural citizens, and, consequently, wreaking havoc on our infrastructure.

Ironically, California’s economy is in worse shape than perhaps any other state’s. Indeed, if there’s a state which simply cannot handle the burden of mass illegal immigration, surely, it is California. This is not the first time which the shamelessly progressive state has put illegal aliens before their own citizens, though. Currently, California is even handing out driver’s licenses to these individuals. When will they learn? Apparently, not until it is already far too late.

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