CA Liberal Demands Neighbor Remove Anti-Islam Sign, Cops Have Just 7 Words

CA Liberal Demands Neighbor Remove Anti-Islam Sign, Cops Have Just 7 Words
After a California resident known only as Vincent erected an anti-Islam banner over his garage, neighbor Paul Toscano was shocked to find out why police haven’t removed the “hate sign.” (Photo source: ABC 7)

After a Donald Trump supporter placed a banner over his garage that read “God Bless America” and the word “Islam” with a line through it, his liberal neighbor demanded he removes it because it offends him. However, after speaking with the local police department, officers had just 7 words for the upset leftist.

Thanks to socialism cloaked under the guise of liberalism, the U.S. is under threat of having its freedoms stripped to appease an offended minority. While they don’t have the right to not be offended, leftists seem to think that they can infringe upon the liberties of others as long as they disagree with their stance. Unfortunately, one tender snowflake is learning that his feelings don’t supersede his neighbor’s freedoms.

As expected, the media in Ontario, California, are in an uproar after one conservative resident peacefully practiced his First Amendment rights. Placing a cloth banner across his garage door, a man known only as Vincent wrote “God Bless America” and “keep American safe” alongside depictions of the Christian cross and Jewish star. What caused the most fuss with his neighbor, however, was seeing the word “Islam” crossed out as a declaration of opposition toward Muslim beliefs.

ABC 7 reports that Paul Toscano had his feelings hurt by the anti-Islamic message even though he isn’t Muslim himself. Whining to the local media, Toscano explained that because he thinks the sign is “ugly” and “brings [his] day down,” Vincent should be forced to remove it.

Unfortunately for him, police not only shunned the idea of telling Vincent that he can’t peacefully express his beliefs but also that they “haven’t received any calls about that banner.” In that moment, the offended Toscano likely realized that fewer people are finding even one good reason to defend Islam even in liberal California.

Shocked that the Constitution protects American citizens from being denied their right to express their beliefs, Toscano dramatically explained that he thinks the banner is hate speech.

“It just makes the neighborhood ugly because you have to drive in, and you have to see that hate sign,” said neighborhood resident Paul Toscano. “…It’s like ‘Damn, I’m having a good day,’ and then I see that, and it kind of brings your day down.”

Incredibly, Vincent, who refused to give the liberal media his last name, says that the banner has been up for several weeks and that he will not take it down because it’s his constitutional right.

“I feel, as Americans, we need to take care of America first. And exercising our freedom of speech, our First Amendment — it’s a part of being American,” Vincent told Eyewitness News.

CA Liberal Demands Neighbor Remove Anti-Islam Sign, Cops Have Just 7 Words
Liberals like Toscano are discovering that they are no longer the majority when it comes to their defense of Islam. (Photo source: ABC 7)

Not everyone is as sensitive to the idea of free speech as Toscano. In fact, a female neighbor expressed her support for Vincent’s display and admitted that she agrees with the message. With this revelation, liberals must be outraged to discover that there are at least 2 conservatives in California who dare to express their First Amendment rights.

Of course, leftists who support blasphemy laws when it comes to insulting Islam have no idea of the consequences of their actions. Core liberal values like homosexuality, progressive feminism, abortion, and sexual freedom are all punishable with the cruelest of sentences under Islamic law.

Although everything Islam stands for is contradictory to liberal values, it is the ideology that leftists exclusively defend. We could easily assume that Vincent’s liberal neighbors would have no problem with his banner if it opposed Christianity or Judaism. There would be no accusation of “Christophobia” or anti-Semitism, but a defense of his freedom to criticize the world religions. Only when it comes to Islam do we find that the left has a favorite religion — ironically, the one that would oppress them the most.

While the “people of the Book,” as the Quran calls Christians and Jews, are allowed to live under a Muslim majority as long as they pay the crippling religious tax and “feel subdued,” atheist liberals are to be killed if they don’t convert. So, while ignorant liberals are defending the one religion that is commanded to slaughter them all, the Christians and Jews they despise are standing against their biggest enemy.

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