CA Chemistry Teacher ‘Takes A Knee’ At Homecoming Rally, So School Takes Something Of Hers

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During a rally to kick off homecoming week at Woodland High School on Friday, California chemistry teacher Windy Pappas “took a knee” while the national anthem was played. Her irreverent political stunt was shortlived, though, because the school was less than amused and decided to take something of hers as a result.

Woodland High School chemistry teacher Windy Pappas kneels during the playing of the national anthem at her school’s Homecoming rally. (Photo Credit: Amy Plunkett/Facebook)

As “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played at the Woodland High School Homecoming rally last Friday, chemistry teacher Windy Pappas placed her hand over her heart. However, she promptly knelt on the gymnasium floor as well, in a show of solidarity with professional athletes who have been using the same protest to raise awareness for “racial inequality” and “police brutality” in America.

Windy Pappas had posters reading “Black Lives Matter” and “It’s okay to disagree with any sign here!!!” as the national anthem played during Woodland High’s rally to kick off homecoming week on Friday morning. She had an orange shirt – one of the school colors – and had her right hand over her heart as she kneeled, based on a photo circulating on social media. [Source: The Sacramento Bee]

The assembly continued as planned following Pappas’ disrespectful demonstration, but as soon as administration got wind of what had happened, they took action — and they didn’t waste any time. Reportedly, the chemistry teacher was pulled out of her classroom later that very same day and escorted off the campus.

“I felt like it was something respectful and supportive to our flag,” Pappas said of her move at the homecoming rally. “I didn’t even think of it as a protest. I was taken off-guard by the reaction.” In a statement to Daily Democrat, she played the victims, saying, “It’s unnerving. I’m a single mom and that’s something I’m thinking about right now.”

The District released a statement on Friday afternoon after Pappas was removed from campus that read, “We are aware that there was an unauthorized display during a Woodland High School rally on Friday. As a District, we’re using this as a learning opportunity to ensure we are all aware of the free speech rights of students and employees in schools.”

Those free speech rights, however, do not permit teachers to air their political views during school hours, during which time they are to remain a neutral party, educating their students on current events without indoctrinating them in a certain agenda.

In an email to parents, Woodland High principal Karrie Sequeria wrote, “While teachers do retain certain First Amendment rights in their capacity as an instructor, such rights are limited by Education Code and case law. Their personal, political or religious beliefs are not appropriately expressed at school or in the classroom.” Principal Sequeria added, “Instead, the appropriate and legal instructional role is one of neutral facilitator – one who facilitates student discussion and intelligent analysis of current events.”

It’s nice to see the Communist state of California finally doing something patriotic for a change. Usually, you can count on authorities from The Golden State to do the most liberal thing possible in any given situation. Case in point: Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation earlier this month making it illegal to refer to transgender nursing home residents by the pronoun associated with their God-given gender. He followed this up by declaring California a “sanctuary state” for illegals.

Indeed, California is about as liberal as they come, but there are still some residents who have their heads screwed on straight, and the school administrators who promptly removed Windy Pappas after she knelt during the anthem are among them.

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