WATCH: CA Protester Uses Her Body To Block Sheriff’s Vehicle, Instantly Regrets it

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A shocking video has emerged out of Communist California where a woman, who was protesting the police shooting death of Stephon Clark, used her body to block a sheriff’s vehicle in the roadway. However, she was instantly forced to regret her bad life decision.

Screenshot from live video footage (background), Wanda Cleveland (inset) (Photo Credits: Twitter/ABC 10, Facebook/Wanda Cleveland)

Everyone knows that California has a lot of nutjobs and bleeding heart liberals who love to hate the cops for trying to do their jobs. On Saturday, March 31, 2018, a protester named Wanda Cleveland decided that it wasn’t enough to just hold a sign and scream at Sacramento Sheriff’s deputies as they tried to drive their vehicles through crowds of people in the streets.

According to Daily Caller, Cleveland failed to heed at least four warnings from a sheriff’s deputy who ordered protesters to back away from his vehicle. There were two sheriff’s vehicles in the clip, and the lead vehicle appears to be the one with the deputy giving protesters orders over the loudspeaker.

The shocking footage shows plenty of other protesters who obeyed the deputies orders to back away from his vehicle, but because Cleveland is a moron, she decided to continue blocking the roadway with her sign raised in the air. As the deputy in the lead vehicle said, “back away from my vehicle,’ repeatedly, Cleveland remained in the roadway in front of the second cruiser.

As the two sheriff’s vehicles began to move, Wanda Cleveland was hit and fell to the ground. Instantly, other protesters screamed at the deputies and started to chant, “hit and run.” A police helicopter arrived a short time later and demanded that the crowd disperse or face arrest.

Wanda Cleveland was reportedly taken to Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center and released after midnight with bruises on her arm and the back of her head. “He never even stopped. It was a hit and run. If I did that I’d be charged,” Cleveland told a reporter from The Sacramento Bee. “It’s disregard for human life.”

Of course, every cop-hating protester has an excuse, and Cleveland’s case is no different. Cleveland claims that when the lead sheriff’s vehicle started to move, she began walking toward the curb because her arthritis was making her knees weak. The second sheriff’s vehicle struck Cleveland according to the video obtained by ABC 10 News.

“I heard wheels spin. And then I saw her body flung to the curb,” Tifanei Ressl-Moyer, a legal observer who witnessed the incident, said. “The vehicle sped off and some protesters went after them.” Following the incident, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department released a statement which said the patrol vehicle was traveling at “slow speeds” when the collision occurred.


SCSD Sergeant Shaun Hampton said that the liberal hoard was also yelling at the deputies and kicking their patrol cars. Later, police reports said that “vandals in the crowd” caused “scratches, dents, and a shattered rear window” to a sheriff’s vehicle during the attack. I think the deputies on the scene that night had plenty of reason to fear for their safety. People always seem to forget that the cops have to do their jobs and go home to a family at the end of their shift.

In my opinion, Wanda Cleveland got exactly what she deserved for blocking the sheriff’s vehicles. If Cleveland does have such bad arthritis, then one would think that being in the roadway where cars are driven is a bad idea. Just like a liberal, Cleveland wants to hold someone else responsible for her own stupidity.

Cleveland was just one of the hundreds of people who filled the streets in Sacramento on Saturday night after the family of Stephon Clark released the autopsy report showing that he had been shot in the back. Clark was a 22-year-old burglar who was fatally shot by police after shattering the window of an elderly man’s home before pointing an object towards officers that was later determined to be a cell phone, on March 18, 2018. Clark had reportedly run back into his grandmother’s yard when police apprehended and shot him.

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