Cheers Erupt As CA Trump Fan Tells What Illegals Are Doing To The Black Community

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Want to see what the media’s worst nightmare looks like? Check out this supporter of President Donald Trump from the Golden State who is going viral following the exposure of a video in which she tells exactly what illegal aliens are doing to the black community.

A black supporter of President Donald Trump speaks at a meeting of the Santa Clarita City Council in California (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Melissa A./Twitter)

A video taken at a meeting of the Santa Clarita City Council in May has gone viral after being posted to Twitter. The woman who delivers the polarizing message in the two-minute clip is unidentified, but the video was posted by a Twitter user who describes herself as a “Christian, Conservative, Wife, mum.” An African-American herself, she says she wants to lead the “mass #Blaxit from the Democratic Party.”

The video was posted in response to a tweet from MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who wanted “to get our #AMJoy hashtag higher” in the conversation about illegal immigration. This certainly did it, although definitely not in the way Reid wanted.

The speaker in the video, who is sporting a Make America Great Again hat, is part of a group of citizens who turned out to speak against California’s “sanctuary state” policies, according to The Daily Wire. She didn’t mince words about the damage that unchecked illegal immigration in California has caused the black community there.

“The black community is most adversely affected by illegal alien activity,” said the woman. “Because when these people — and I don’t care if they’re Swedish, Mexican, Nigerian, Nicaraguan, Arab, I don’t care — when you come here illegally, they don’t get trucked into Brentwood. They don’t get trucked into Beverly Hills. Hell, they don’t even get trucked into the fairly modest upper-class suburb where I live,” she added.

“They get trucked into Watts. Here in California in SoCal, they get trucked into the streets of Crenshaw. The Jungles (Baldwin Village, an underprivileged Los Angeles community). East LA,” she said. “A lot of black people don’t have the privilege that I have. A lot of black people are already suffering academically. Thus they suffer economically. Thus they suffer in abject poverty and crime,” she continued.

“Their schools are beyond a disgrace already,” she added. “When those schools get pumped with illegal aliens, (black students are) even more likely to drop out.” She went on to note that money has to be spent on Spanish-language textbooks “because the illegal alien minors cannot speak the king’s English.”

“I, as an American citizen, born and raised in Los Angeles, cannot get a job if I want to do something different than what I do, which is fight for American people — I have to learn two languages,” she said. “Specifically Spanish. In my own country. You tell me how that’s fair.”

The woman also addressed the children who are separated from their parents when they are brought across the border illegally, noting the number of people who have been separated from their families by illegal aliens who have murdered American citizens, and how “they gotta go to the grave. You tell me how that’s fair.”

Conservatives have been saying it forever — the demographic most adversely affected by rampant illegal immigration is the black community. Illegal immigrants, who are willing to work for less than American citizens, take jobs away from minority communities which sorely need them, creating spikes in unemployment and making upward mobility virtually impossible.

Moreover, as suggested by the astute black woman in the video above, the resources that should be allocated for things like the improvement of schools and community programs in poor black neighborhoods are given to feeding, housing, and caring for illegals immigrants. As this California Trump supporter put it, “You tell me how that’s fair.”

Of course, it isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that the interests of illegal aliens are put before those of American citizens, especially in cases when American citizens are actually killed by illegal aliens. President Donald Trump’s most important job is to protect the American people, and he is doing as much by working to secure our porous southern border and deport the throngs of immigrants crossing it. Yet, he is demonized by those on the left who would rather see Americans killed than illegal families separated.

I wonder if they’d feel the same if one of their loved ones were murdered by an illegal alien. Is that what it would take for these leftists to oppose unbridled immigration? Ironically, the Democrats have positioned themselves as the black person’s party, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s time for the black community to wake up. Democrats haven’t done a damn thing that is in their best interests.

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