California Tries To Ban Another Everyday Necessity — Gets Battered By Americans

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It wasn’t that long ago that we were baffled by California’s ban on plastic straws. Then came the tiny shampoo bottle ban. It seems like the “Golden” State wants to make life very hard and inconvenient for its residents. Now, a California lawmaker is trying to get rid of yet another everyday item. People on social media were quick to slam him.

California pretends to be the leader of Trump’s “resistance.” Instead, they make life much harder for their residents. (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos, Phil Ting/Twitter)

I don’t know what it is about California lawmakers. Maybe there’s something in the air. Maybe their water is tainted. Or maybe this is what happens when Democrats have way too much power.

Regardless of the reasons, it seems California Democrats often find new ways of punishing their residents.

Former Gov. Jerry Brown made the entire state a sanctuary for undocumented aliens. That policy puts non-citizens far ahead of Americans. California continually neglects needed infrastructure, wasting its limited funds on needless projects (like Brown’s high-speed rail).

We’ve seen how poor infrastructure has led to droughts, wildfires, and mudslides.

But worst of all is California’s needless and wasteful regulation of everyday items. Pretending to care about the environment, the state and local counties have banned a variety of things they claim were harmful to the earth.

Hmm… something tells me streets full of feces and drug needles are a much bigger threat to the earth. Maybe they should focus on that homeless epidemic a bit more.

No, Democrats in CA instead have banned plastic straws and tiny shampoo bottles. Now, another braindead leader wants to ban paper receipts.

Hurray! We’re saved.

When it comes to the term “nanny state” no other republic in the U.S. can approach the all-encompassing embrace of the definition like California…

Now the next micro-managed policy is being forwarded. An assemblyman by the name of Phil Ting has latched on to the next big crisis to rock the Golden State, and we thank the stars he is there for the goodness of the residents.

All the elements are in place, from the fact-challenged statistics to the catchy rhyming hashtag!

And please, enough cannot be said about the shaming of the intern by posing on a stool as an anthropomorphic CVS receipt! [Source: Twitchy]

If there’s ever been a picture to encourage kids not to become a political intern — this is it!

That’s right, young people. Enter the exciting world of politics. You’ll get to be humiliated by a pathetic middle-aged crook who wants to ban something everyone needs!

Honestly, does anyone think passing another law controlling private businesses is going to help the environment? California is the leader in invasive, stupid, and harmful government regulation. Yet despite all the heavy demands they put on the private sector, they still claim the earth is in danger.

Hey, maybe all your nitpicking laws don’t do a damn thing! Or, it’s not really about protecting the environment but limiting the freedom and profitability of privately-owned businesses.

Hmm… I’m going to guess it’s both.

Sure, some stores spit out a long receipt after you buy batteries. But it’s that store’s right to use resources as they see fit. It’s a small slip of paper after all. And nothing says they can’t use recycled paper for their receipts, right? So, why are they being banned?

How are stores supposed to give you a receipt? Do I now have to give every store my email address, just so I have a record of my purchase? Not on your life, buddy!

California has already made shopping a pain in the butt with their ban on bags. Now, they want to make it impossible to get a receipt unless you give a store your personal information. Do they care about their residents at all?

How much of an impact does banning receipts really make? Not much. But it gives California an excuse to clamp down on private business, hitting them with fines if they don’t comply. Now, every store has to front the heavy costs of setting up a complicated email delivery system.

It’s just a slip of paper!

I’m not the only American baffled by California’s stupidity. More than a few bashed this idiotic lawmaker.

Even left-wing Democrats were outraged by this stunt:

Hey idiots! You elected these dummies. Don’t be upset when they drop universal healthcare in order to punish your local CVS. (They never intended to give you that anyway, you rubes!)

A lot of people were talking about the poop in the streets. I would be too if I had to live in San Francisco. Imagine paying the egregious rents and taxes to live in that city, only to have to watch homeless people crap outside your door. You’d have to worry about your kids getting pricked by AIDs ridden needles when they walk to school (when they’re not getting harassed by stoned bums).

But no, your leaders are going to ban receipts. Good job, liberals. You once again proved that you elect morons.