California’s Homeless Crisis Gets Much Worse — Now Taxpayers Are Forced To Pay Over $400,000

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California continues to be the nation’s leader in rampant homelessness. The problem is getting so huge, the local government struggles to find a solution. Now, the city of Sacramento is forcing taxpayers to deal with the fallout of this problem.

As the homeless crisis in CA gets worse and worse, Sacramento is forcing the taxpayer to pay up. (Photo Credit: Brandi Ibrao/Unsplash)

Once upon a time, California was a leader in American excellence. The Golden State was the place many Americans wanted to live. Their economy was robust and growing. It was the home to star-studded Hollywood. Its beaches were pristine, the envy of all tourist spots. Truly, it was a jewel in America’s crown.

Today, not so much. California is the poster child of runaway, liberal government. Its erratic, wasteful, destructive Democratic leaders have all but run the state into the ground. California has been devastated by drought, mudslides, and epic wildfires. The economy is suffering thanks to heavy regulation and record-break taxes.

California faces a drug epidemic, high cases of HIV, and unchecked illegal immigration. Their leaders bend over backward to help outsiders while neglecting their own residents.

It’s not a huge surprise to find that California is a leader in U.S. homelessness. Twenty-five percent of all the nation’s homeless are in California. That’s a staggering number.

Most other states would be in crisis mode, searching for a solution to end this problem. Honest lawmakers would be trying to reverse the bad policy that has driven hundreds of thousands of Californians to the streets. They would be wracking their brains for a viable solution to end this epidemic.

Instead, the city of Sacramento has decided to punish those citizens left who still work and pay taxes. They’re getting a massive $400,000 bill.

Will this go to ending the crisis? No, just to clean up the ongoing mess the homeless are making.

The city of Sacramento will soon hire its first employees dedicated solely to picking up trash at homeless encampments.

The City Council approved Tuesday spending $400,000 to fund the new trash collection crew, as well as several new pieces of trash disposal equipment, including a Gator-style utility vehicle to clean up human waste, a city staff report said.

The crews will dispose of trash that police and organizations collect citywide as well as trash the Downtown Street Teams collect downtown and in the River District, said Jerome Council, a city public works official. [Source: The Sacramento Bee]

Talk about papering over a problem. Instead of finding solutions to the homeless crisis, Sacramento just wants to clean up after the bums who literally crap in the street.

Why bother with trying to get these people help and jobs? Why bother trying to reverse the causes of this problem? Just clean up the mess so that citizens can just ignore it. We have tourists to think about, after all. We don’t want them seeing all the filth left behind by the people we’ve helped lose everything.

This is the kind of brilliant decision-making that comes from Democrats. They are so incapable of running a city, state, or country. Their toxic policies drive poverty, homelessness, and a weak economy. Then, when everyone is broke, out of work, and sick, all the left can do is spend money to hide the problem.

In Los Angeles, they wanted to install showers in the subways, so at least homeless people can smell nice. So what, if they’re homeless. We don’t want them being filthy.

This is what happens when you don’t have leaders with common sense and integrity. Runaway liberals have taken a once great state and ruined it. How bad will things get in California, before something changes? Will the people of the state finally vote these idiots out of office, or will the federal government have to march in with the National Guard to restore order?

That might happen sooner than we think, once the last resident loses their house.