California Muslim Arrested For Killing Cop, Liberal Media Scrambles To Hide 1 Detail

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A California resident was just arrested for the execution of a police officer and ties to ISIS. However, the mainstream media are avoiding the story like the plague in an attempt to hide one sinister detail.

California Muslim Arrested For Murdering Cop, Liberal Media Scrambles To Hide 1 Detail
Despite the disturbing details surrounding the arrest of Omar Abdulsattar Ameen (left), mainstream media have widely ignored the story all because of one crucial element. (Photo credit: U.S. Department of Justice, Screenshot via KCRA)

Thanks to progressive liberalism, millions of migrants from oppressive, terror-prone countries are flocking to the West, not for security but in a long-awaited bid to spread Islam. As a religious command, Muslims are proselytizing and supplanting Western democracy with Sharia law through mandated Islamic immigration called Hijrah. Unfortunately, the West still refuses to acknowledge and unite against this 1,400-year-old conquest.

According to the left, diversity is our strength, all cultures are equal, and Islam is inherently peaceful. Of course, once they’re confronted with the flaws in their logic, they either denounce the opposition as racist, bigoted Islamophobes in an effort to silence them or ignore them altogether. Of course, it’s getting harder to ignore the dangers of mass Muslim migration when it’s holding a knife to your throat or, in this case, a gun to your chest.

On August 15, California resident Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, was arrested and placed in Sacramento County Jail for the brutal execution of an Iraqi police officer and suspected Islamic State membership. Although this story is yet another crucial example of the threat of Islamic terrorism in the U.S., the mainstream media are widely ignoring the report for one disturbing reason — Ameen came to the U.S. as a war-torn refugee under the Barack Obama administration.

According to local outlet KCRA, Omar Abdulsattar Ameen easily entered the U.S. during Obama’s second term by lying on his asylum application, which was approved, subsequently settling him in Sacramento. Ameen was only arrested after his application was subjected to an investigation, which began in 2016 and progressed through the Donald Trump administration.

The series of events was particularly disturbing and shocking to Ameen’s neighbors, who likely bought into the liberal propaganda that all refugees are fleeing ISIS and that terrorists are not using the refugee crisis to enter the U.S. Locals told CBS Sacramento that they never suspected Ameen of being an ISIS militant posing as a kind Muslim refugee, showcasing just how easily dangerous migrants can take advantage of our immigration system.

“It makes me nervous. We were shocked, didn’t ssupect anything like that,” said Greg Hudson. “He didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to make you feel suspicious, just a friendly Muslim, family man.”

Former federal prosecutor Bill Portanova says, “It’s a wakeup call that bad guys can end up anywhere in the world.”

Ameen has been charged with premeditated murder, which occurred during an ISIS siege of the Rawah District of Iraq in June 2014. Investigators confirmed that Ameen was part of an ISIS convoy that fired upon the home of a former Iraqi police officer. The Iraqi government has accused Ameen of executing Ihsan Abdulhafiz Jasim, shooting him in the chest while he lay on the ground after the firefight, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“In response to the attack on his home, the victim returned fire with his Kalashnikov rifle,” court documents state. “Ameen then fired his weapon at the victim while the victim was on the ground.

“A death certificate issued by the Rawah hospital confirms the victim’s death by gunshot to the chest,” the documents say. “ISIS announced the killing via a post on social media.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge Edmund Brennan denied bail but explained that Ameen would most likely be deported.

“The government of Iraq seeks your extradition to that country for the charge of murder,” Brennan explained.

Investigators also discovered that Ameen was the founder of a 2004 Al-Qaeda terrorist cell. During this time, they maintain that Ameen held close ties with Abu Mus’ab Al-Zaraqawi, who carried out several bombings and beheadings in Iraq before his death from a 2006 U.S. airstrike.

Ameen planned to obtain a green card in 2016. Of course, the damage was already done as he had been granted access to the U.S. and its vulnerable citizens. Prosecutors have admitted in court filings that his release would be a national security risk.

Additionally, Ameen has many family members who are affiliated with ISIS and Al-Qaeda, including his father, brothers, and paternal cousins. It is unclear where his family resides, however, it paints a worrisome picture of the danger of the so-called “diversity visa lottery” program, which Trump has repeatedly criticized.

The mainstream media are desperate to black out stories such as this because it destroys the liberal narrative that America should open its borders to the migrant flood and that refugees are not dangerous but are fleeing danger. While many asylum seekers and immigrants merely want to come to the U.S. for a better life, others are using the left’s immigration policies for nefarious purposes. Donald Trump is right in that we have the right to secure our borders and decide with extreme prejudice who is allowed to enter.

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