SICK: California Proposes New Gender Option, Infuriates Half The Country

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State Document To Get 1 Subtle Addition, Half The Country Will Be Furious
California considers new bill

It seems there is a growing divide in our nation between Democrats and Republicans. In fact, California recently announced a new bill that’s under consideration, which will result in one subtle addition to state documents that will undoubtedly leave half the country furious. Sadly, this nasty addition will change our nation as we know it.

The state of California has been known for its progressive views. However, the state’s leftist lawmakers might have just taken things a bit too far after announcing a new bill that they’re taking into consideration that would place a third gender option on state documents.

Liberal California would be the first state in the country to address this growing issue of transgenderism. The sponsors of the bill are transgender activist groups: Equality California and the Transgender Law Center. The transgender movement will undoubtedly use it to their advantage to ignore their biology in lieu of their “feelings.”

Talks over the bill began when “Sara Kelly Keenan made international headlines last year when New York City issued her the first ever birth certificate with an ‘intersex’ classification in the gender field, instead of male or female,” according to CBS 13. In the rare cases where someone is born “intersex,” their gender is often chosen by their parents or doctors.

“My body looks quite different from other women,” Keenan explained, according to Breitbart. In fact, she was born with male genes, with female genitalia, and mixed internal reproductive organs. Embarrassed over her gender, she kept her story a secret for most of her life, but now that she is now recognized as “intersex,” she wants to help others to feel accepted.

Keenan, along with Carly Mitchell, another “intersex” individual, is lobbying legislators in California to pass the law which would allow “a third, non-binary option on IDs including birth certificates and driver’s licenses.” Unfortunately, their request is being introduced at a time when there is a growing number of people with mental health issues who claim they “feel” male or female, regardless of the physical sex characteristics that they were born with.

Although these intersex individuals are born with atypical development of physical sex characteristics, if this law were to pass in California, it would only be the beginning of the spread of transgenderism in our country. “I don’t think people realize the implications on letting people pick what sex they are,” the California Family Council’s Greg Burt explained. “If you change sex to be a description of someone’s feelings, then anyone can claim to be a male or female.”

Unfortunately, since California is perhaps one of the most lenient states regarding sex identification, there is a chance the bill will be passed. However, it’s completely ridiculous to think that officials would even consider such a bill. Since the very beginning of time, there has been no issue with labeling children male or female at birth and recognizing two biological sexes. However, as society began to embrace sexual depravity, we now have an issue.

It’s imperative that our country doesn’t open the door to a third gender option based on feelings. God intended us all to be either male or female, and although some babies are born with abnormalities that make the identification difficult, it’s necessary we maintain that there are only two sexes — anything else is an anomaly. That’s not opinion. That’s science. Although some people would think otherwise, you’re either male or female unless you have a birth defect; plain and simple.