Sick California Man Rapes Dead Cat, Has Pathetic 4-Word Excuse For ‘Doing It’

Robert Roy Farmer (right) was caught killing and molesting cats.

A California man was caught abducting 21 cats, killing and sexually abusing them over the course of two months. After getting caught, his barbaric behavior is being punished, but his pathetic 4-word excuse for doing it is making the case all the more strange.

Robert Roy Farmer is a 26-year-old from San Jose, California, who has already been convicted and sentenced to 646 days in jail but will now be doing even more time. Back in 2015, members of his community started reporting their animals missing, and he was later arrested. Now, he is being arrested again, but this time, he is being sentenced to 16 years in jail.

When Farmer was found sleeping in his car with a dead cat curled up in the center console, police apprehended him and searched his car. Chunks of fur and streaks of blood covered the interior of Farmer’s vehicle, where police also found a backpack with a pair of fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife in a sheath.

Farmer is claiming insanity on his part, most likely to get a shorter sentence. He told the court that he “felt like another man” when he committed the unspeakable crimes, which, of course, is a pathetic excuse for raping a dead animal. “It feels like another man committed these crimes, but I know it was me,” he wrote in a letter read to the court by attorney Wesley Schroeder. “It’s so hard to grasp I did this. I stole a member of their family.”

As Farmer alleged that he was out of his mind when he committed the crimes, according to Daily Caller, his friends and family have testified against him, claiming they are terrified around him.

An elderly woman who let Farmer stay with her and her grandson shortly before his arrest recounted him tying up the back legs of her cat Angel and smacking it against a wall. One time she said Farmer hit her grandson in the face, unprovoked, and on another occasion he shot the same boy in the leg with a pellet gun. Her grandson also told her that Farmer had commented once about “what it would feel like to kill a person.” [Source: Mercury News]

Owners of the victimized cats also testified against Farmer, telling stories of their beloved animals and the memories they shared with them before the barbaric acts were committed by such a disgusting human. Many people expressed their grief and outrage, like anyone would, and read their statements to the court room.

Grieving cat owners testify against Farmer in court

Unfortunately, though, Farmer will not be registered as a sex offender when released from prison. He is a sick and twisted scumbag who will likely continue to commit the same crimes once released and probably move onto humans if he does not stay locked up. He most likely has been up to way more evil than he got caught for and is well on his way to becoming a serial murderer.

Only someone utterly delusional can kill an innocent animal and then have sex with it. This barbaric human should be labeled a sex offender, and when he is released, should have a lifetime parole with zero contact with animals.

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