WATCH: California Scammer Served Brutal Instant Justice After Trying To Rip Off Wrong Guy

Footage of man trying to escape with cash (Photo: Youtube)

A shocking video has emerged out of Communist California in which a criminal scammer, who can’t run fast enough, gets a brutal dose of instant justice after he tried to rip off the wrong would-be car buyer. Watch as the idiot in red pants discovers he literally “can’t pull a fast one,” and luckily for us, someone caught it all on video.

According to local news source CBS2, the incident took place on Saturday, July 15, 2017, in Burbank, California. A bystander, who started recording the altercation, had no idea what was about to happen when a car buying deal turned into a scam.

According to Daily Mail, the man who recorded the incident did not want to be identified but was able to give the license plate of the truck to the police. Now, authorities in Burbank are investigating the altercation to try to identify the driver of the vehicle and the man he hit.

According to witnesses, the man who was seen running in the video was trying to make off with a bag of cash from a supposed car deal that was actually a scam. Apparently, the would be buyer didn’t like the idea of being tricked out of his money and decided to run the swindler down with his truck.

“I saw the truck chasing the guy in the red pants. And then it just smacked right into him and he flew 20-30 feet in the air,” the witness said. “The guy in the red pants had a bag in his hand and he was being chased by this guy in a white shirt. The bag spilled out tons and tons of cash, somehow he was able to get back up. Tried to actually pick a few of the stacks of money up and then just took off running,” he added.

According to other witnesses, the man in red pants was seen getting into another car down the street after the driver of the truck and his passenger picked up a pile of cash off the roadway. The two men then reportedly got back into their truck and fled east on Alameda Blvd. Now, Burbank police are trying to determine from the video footage if the driver of the truck ran down the man in red pants and hit him on purpose or on accident.

The bystander who recorded the incident said, “I heard the rev of the engine. I can’t say what the driver’s intention was but it definitely looked intentional.”

According to the CBS2 reporter, the man said he couldn’t believe how much cash was spilled all over the road way in what he says looked like stacks of $20’s. This may have very well been a car deal gone wrong. However, considering it took place in crazy California, it could have been a drug deal gone bad as well.

When it comes to criminals, craziness, and corruption, California always sticks out like a sore thumb. The socialist controlled state is riddled with examples like this of bizarre and stupid criminal behavior on a weekly basis. The takeaway here has got to be a warning about buying a car from someone you met on Craigslist because it’s all too likely to be a scam.

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