California Considers Suing Trump After Latest “Use Of Force” To Defend Border

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Last Sunday, hundreds of members of the migrant caravan bum-rushed the San Isidro border crossing near San Diego, pelting Border Patrol agents with rocks and bottles. The agents responded with non-lethal means including tear gas. Liberals went absolutely crazy accusing President Donald Trump of chemical weapons use and atrocities.

Migrant caravan at the border, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: screenshot CBS/Youtube)

It doesn’t matter that under Barack Obama tear gas was deployed at the border dozens of times. Obviously, Obama is not Trump, and things are only outrageous when Republicans do them.

Nobody does crazy as well as California, and the state is now considering suing Trump for this appropriate action to defend our borders against violent foreign invaders.

Reuters reports:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is assessing whether the state can take legal action over the Trump administration’s use of force against a caravan of migrants or a decision and future threats to shut the border with Mexico, he said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday.

“We have been approached by folks who have expressed complaints. We are monitoring what’s occurring,” said Becerra.

It speaks volumes to California’s liberal lunacy that the state’s attorney general thinks people complaining about President Donald Trump’s border security policies is the basis for a lawsuit. California has absolutely no jurisdiction in this nor is the state an aggrieved party, which would be the only reason they could legitimately file a suit.

Reuters kind of acknowledges that California has no skin in the game, but they do it in a weird liberal fake newsy kind of way:

California has limited jurisdiction to insert itself despite the clashes taking place on the state’s border because the federal government has sweeping control over border and immigration administration.

Actually, California’s jurisdiction isn’t limited here, it’s nonexistent. Reuters tries to make it seem like California may have some jurisdiction because the state is on the border with Mexico. This is as dumb as saying Michigan has a say in Canadian politics because of its proximity to the country. The federal government controls international borders and is responsible for everything that occurs along them.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra apparently has a plan to get a California resident tear-gassed by a Border Patrol agent so he can sue President Trump. This isn’t any different than an insurance fraud scam, other than it’s the AG of the most populous state running it.

But Becerra suggested that if a state resident was being affected, including by shutting of the border, the state could have cause to intervene.

“I can’t act unless the rules are on our side,” said Becerra.

Since when does having the rules on his side matter? As of July 2018, Becerra has sued the Trump administration 38 times. He sued Trump over the border wall, the ending of DACA, and the travel ban. Clearly, Becerra doesn’t care about the rules being on his side when filing frivolous lawsuits against Trump.

Xavier Becerra is a hot mess, but so is this Reuters report. They only got two quotes from him but felt compelled to drive a certain point home with them:

“We have been approached by folks who have expressed complaints,” Becerra, who is the son of Mexican immigrants, said. “We are monitoring what’s occurring.”

“I can’t act unless the rules are on our side,” Becerra, who is the son of Mexican immigrants, said. (emphasis mine)

So apparently Becerra is the son of Mexican immigrants. Who knew?

There is also this:

Becerra, a Democrat and former member of Congress who helped negotiate comprehensive immigrants reform that was never passed, used his role at state attorney general to intervene on behalf of child immigrants known as Dreamers when Trump sought to revoke their legal status. (emphasis mine)

Immigrants reform? Is that like immigration reform? At the very least it should have been “immigrant’s reform” though that’s still pretty awkward and incorrect.

Plus, according to Reuters, President Trump has misplaced the entire US/Mexico border:

Trump has since threatened to “permanently” lose the U.S.-Mexican border if Mexico does not deport some 7,000 Central Americans gathered there.

Why is “permanently” in quotations marks and how does one go about permanently losing a nearly 2000 mile long border? This Reuters article was written by Ginger Gibson and edited by Susan Thomas and they should both be ashamed for this sloppy biased mess.

Xavier Becerra should also be ashamed for wasting so much California taxpayer money on baseless lawsuits against the duly elected President of the United States. If he’s unhappy about the results of the 2016 election, he should do what all the other liberals do and get on Twitter with endless crying and veiled threats. California has more pressing issues and better uses for resources than suing Trump for normal mundane border security.

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