California Teen Shot Dead By Cops, Then They Discover What’s In His Pocket

People gathered at Torrey Pines High School on Sunday, May 7, 2017, in San Diego, near a memorial for the 15-year-old student who was shot and killed by police in the parking lot the day before (left); San Diego police investigate the scene of the shooting which transpired early on Saturday morning (right).

Authorities have released more information surrounding the officer-involved shooting of a 15-year-old boy from San Diego, California, who pointed a BB gun at officers in the parking lot of his high school over the weekend and was subsequently shot to death. We now know what cops discovered in his pocket after the shooting.

Shortly before 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, Jacob Peterson called 911 to ask officers to check on the welfare of an unarmed boy in front of Torrey Pines High School, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. When two officers arrived on the scene, they spotted the youth in the front parking lot, and as they got out of their patrol car, he pulled a gun from his waistband and aimed it at them.

The officers drew their guns and ordered him to drop the weapon. But instead he began to walk toward an officer, ignoring more demands to drop the weapon, police said.

Both officers fired, hitting him several times. They performed first aid and called paramedics. The teen was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The gun was found to be a BB air pistol. Investigators determined the teen made the 911 call. [Source: NY Post]

After the shooting, Lt. Mike Holden said police found a suicide note in Peterson’s jacket, and it indicated that he planned to call law enforcement specifically so that he would be shot and killed. “We believe that he called the police and pulled the gun on them so that he would be shot,” said Assistant Police Chief Brian Ahearn.

Little is known about the teen who committed suicide by cop, but he reportedly lived in the affluent community, near where the shooting took place, with his parents. From what we do know, we can piece together a picture of tragedy marked by a great deal of entitlement.

It appears that the teen who forced officers to shoot him had more advantages than most, thus, his death reflects a deep-seated entitlement mentality and lack of respect for authority which seems to have permeated our society. It wasn’t enough for Peterson to take his own life; he also wanted to take two police officers down with him. He wanted to make the news and go down in a blaze of glory, no matter the consequences for others.

The officers who shot Peterson will never be the same after this incident. Although the shooting was completely justified, they will still be forced to live with the reality that they killed a young boy with his entire life ahead of him. That would haunt any sane person, regardless of whether or not they did the right thing.

Suicide inevitably affects more than just the person who kills themselves. Family and friends are left to pick up the pieces after one of these deaths, which is why it has been labeled one of the most selfish acts a person can commit. In the case of this 15-year-old, it simply wasn’t enough to make his parents and classmates grieve, he also wanted to negatively affect the careers and lives of two hard-working police officers. It is difficult to imagine what hardships he possibly could have faced which would lead someone of such privilege to do such a thing.

Perhaps he wanted to be the next Mike Brown, who was seen as a martyr by cop haters. The liberal media makes excuses for these thugs and Black Lives Matter vilifies our law enforcement while viewing criminals as martyrs, giving us this end result. This death is on their hands.

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