WATCH: California Thug Steals Cop Car For Beer Run, Realized His Big Mistake Too Late

A shocking video has surfaced out of Communist California, where a lowlife thug thought it would be a good idea to steal a cop car and take it for a beer run. However, when the punk walked into the liquor store to get his beer, he realized his big mistake way too late — and it was all caught on video.

Screenshot from the dashcam video (background), Zachary Samaha (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/CBS Sacramento)

There’s a saying about criminals being stupid, and this story is just more good proof of it. One Sacramento man who recently decided to sneak up on an officer who was responding to a call and steal his car is now behind bars, and it’s all thanks to a good guy who happens not to be a cop. This is an epic story of one cop-friendly citizen who put his own safety on the line to help out one of our boys in blue.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the shocking incident took place on Saturday, January 6, 2017, in South Sacramento at night. It all started when a driver named Chris Marzan noticed a Sacramento police cruiser swerving in the street without its lights on. He instantly knew something was wrong and decided to take action.

Initially, Marzan, who is a former security guard, flashed his headlights at the oncoming police cruiser. Marzan’s first attempt to alert the driver, who he thought was an unaware police officer, failed to produce any result. As he drove past the police cruiser in the oncoming lanes, the driver turned on the lights and made a U-Turn. At that point, the suspicious driver in the police cruiser was headed in Marzan’s direction, and he got the impression that he was about to be pulled over.

Marzan watched the police cruiser in his rearview mirror and was shocked when he saw it swerve back and forth behind him, then crash into a telephone pole. During an interview, Marzan said, “Then it turned into, ‘OK we have an officer in distress or it’s a stolen patrol car,’ to ‘this guy needs to be off the streets because he’s driving reckless.'” The concerned citizen immediately called 911 and reported to dispatchers that he suspected a police vehicle had been stolen.

Marzan stayed on the phone with police as he followed the patrol car from a safe distance. Video captured by a dash camera shows Marzan following the driver who the police later identified as Zachary Samaha. The suspect continued to drive erratically into oncoming traffic, then ran a red light, according to ABC10 News.

Samaha eventually stopped at the A-1 Market on Sunnyslope Drive and went inside the store for beer. This is when things took a turn for the worse for Samaha. Marzan reportedly grabbed his own handcuffs and followed the thug into the store and made a citizens arrest.

The clip, which has now gone viral on social media, shows Marzan walking Samaha out of the store and putting him on the ground. Marzan held the suspect until police arrived. How many people would have put their own safety on the line like Marzan did? This guy is a hero.

“If I can convey any message to everyone it’s this: If you see something, don’t just sit and watch,” Marzan said. “If you do nothing at all, you’re just as much the problem.”

Spokesperson Sgt. Vance Chandler with Sacramento Police said that the department is investigating the incident to ensure that something like this does not happen again. Sgt. Chandler added that the officer, whose cruiser was stolen by Samaha, had initially responded to a call at the corner of Stockton Boulevard and Riza Avenue. That officer was reportedly sent out to investigate a call reporting an assault.

Sgt. Chandler also said that Samaha was allegedly driving under the influence when he took the police cruiser. Now, he is going to sit behind bars for his dangerous criminal behavior, and rightfully so. Thang God, Marzan saw the stolen police car and had the guts to do what needed to be done. He deserves a great deal of gratitude for apprehending Samaha before he killed anyone with his reckless driving.

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