VIDEO: California Thug Makes Stupid Move To Evade Cops, Gets Brutal Instant Justice

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A car thief leads cops on five-hour pursuit (Photo source: Screengrab/Fox News)

Things did not go as planned for a California thug who led cops on a wild chase across Los Angeles after stealing a vehicle. As if fleeing cops with a stolen vehicle didn’t make his situation bad enough, he had to take it one step further. When the thug made his stupid move that cops did not see coming, a brutal dose of instant justice was served, and it was all caught on video.

It started when a suspected car thief led cops on a high-speed chase in his newly stolen vehicle throughout Los Angeles. Cops spotted the hijacked white Subaru SUV, stolen from a San Bernardino dealership, and immediately began the pursuit, which would end up lasting hours.

Eric Nosser, a salesman at the Subaru dealership where the suspect stole the vehicle he used in his wild pursuit, said he steered clear of the suspect because he could tell he was dangerous and on edge. “I let him be, because he seemed on edge,” Nosser told KNBC-TV. “I figured he’d just kind of walk off and go about his business.”

However, Nosser couldn’t have been more wrong. After stealing the SUV, the thug led cops all around the 110 Freeway, driving on the wrong side of roads and scraping the SUV against highway barriers, but things would get so much worse, that is until he plummeted hundreds of feet to the ground to his death.

After many hours of driving the streets of Los Angeles, the suspect led the pursuit into a harbor area. According to Fox News,  the suspect, wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, bailed out of the still-rolling vehicle three hours after the chase began and climbed a giant crane high above the piers.

Unsure of how he wanted to go about his big finale, he smashed a window, climbing into a crane cab before decided that wasn’t meant to be his next move. Fox 11 reported that he then climbed a gantry crane and perched himself several stories above the piers and channels on the waterfront, where at various times he danced around and lounged on his back. The confused man then ditched his Lakers jersey and shoes and soon took off the rest of his clothes.

Five hours into the pursuit, the man dangled his naked body over the edge of the crane, nearly falling several times. Eventually, after hours of persistence, the man plunged about 160 feet to the ground and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect’s name has yet to be released, and although it’s unknown whether he jumped or fell, one thing is certain. Cops were not close enough to him to be blamed for the final moments that lead to his death. An LAPD officer said, “Our officers were nowhere near to close proximity of the suspect at the time that he fell.”

Hours of playing cat and mouse, the car thief gave him self a dose of instant justice that the cops thought they were going to have to dish out. It is clear the man was not in the proper state of mind, given his choices of stripping naked while suspended in the air and mocking police officers. Unfortunately for him, his crazed actions resulted in an instant karma he probably wasn’t expecting when he decided to go for a joy ride in a stolen car.