California Thug Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriend’s Home, Fed-Up Dad Makes Him Pay

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A shocking story has surfaced out of Orange County, California, where a clingy thug broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home through a window. Now, the story has gone viral after the creeper got what he deserved from the victim’s fed-up dad, who decided to make the punk pay.

Robert White (left), Screenshot from footage at the scene of the crime (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Orange County Register)

Criminals are usually pretty stupid, and this breaking story out of Santa Ana in southern California is a good example of that. While most guys can handle a break-up in a civil manner, one 38-year-old loser from Garden Grove named Robert White decided to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 22, 2018, according to police.

Apparently, the police had been called to the ex-girlfriend’s residence earlier that evening after receiving a call to report domestic violence. When the cops showed up, White was nowhere to be found, so they left. According to the Orange County Register, White returned to the victim’s home and decided to crawl through a window.

Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said that while White tried to crawl through a window, his ex-girlfriend’s father confronted him. In the following moments, the fed-up dad did what many protective fathers would have done — he shot the intruder.

“Apparently, he returned later,” Bertagna said. “The father confronted the suspect as he was coming through a window. That’s when the father fired his weapon, striking the suspect,” Bertagna added. That’s what you call good gun control. The victim’s father wasn’t about to let this thug break into his daughter’s home and assault her or anyone else. For that, the armed daddy should get a father-of-the-year award.

White shouldn’t get any sympathy, either. It was White’s decision to go to his ex-girlfriend’s home and attempt a break-in. Regardless of what other arguments could be made, the fact of the matter is that White is solely responsible for being shot by his ex-girlfriend’s dad. It doesn’t matter what White’s excuse is for trying to get into the victim’s home. He wasn’t invited, and he definitely wasn’t welcome there.

According to The Mercury News, emergency response personnel and police arrived at the residence a short time after the shooting before the suspect was loaded onto a gurney and transported to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for his gunshot wound. White is lucky to be alive, but if the protective father killed him, it would have been completely justified.

Following the shooting, the woman’s father was interviewed by detectives and is not currently facing any charges. When this case goes before the local district attorney’s office, it should be an easy call. The father shot White in an attempted home invasion. He had every right to put a bullet in the thug. Police said that White did not live at the residence, which means he had no legal right to be there.

Police have not said whether or not White was armed when he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home. The suspect will reportedly be facing a burglary charge. Of course, it won’t be long before the mainstream media tries to make White look like the victim while vilifying the protective father for shooting him.

Every week in our country, there are home invasions, where the occupants of the residence are badly hurt or murdered because they weren’t able to protect themselves. Thankfully, in this case, there was a caring father who intervened on his daughter’s behalf after her relationship took a turn for the worse. Not everyone is so lucky.

Once again, the 2nd amendment pulls its own weight. If it weren’t’ for the fact that the victim’s father was armed and ready to fight back, White may have badly injured or killed someone in the home. Now, the thug is going to spend some time behind bars with a permanent reminder of why he should change his behavior.

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