VIDEO: California Thug Uses Fake Gun On Wrong Victim, Gets Brutal Surprise

Security Camera Footage

Newly released video footage of a knuckle-dragging California thug shows what happened when he decided to use a fake gun to commit a real crime. At first, he acts like a badass, pointing his fake gun at his would-be victims while taking their cash, but his life takes a sudden turn for the worse as he gets a brutal surprise and rightfully so.

According to local news source Fox40, the attempted robbery took place on Sunday, May 14, 2017, at approximately 12:40 p.m. inside the Smoke Plus Tobacco store in Fairfield, CA. The masked thug in the video stormed into the little tobacco store waving his gun around and threatening the clerks before jumping the counter as if he were a real ninja.

Armed with only a BB gun, the masked gunman tried to stuff his pockets with cash but then quickly discovered the harsh reality of a thug life gone wrong when one of the clerks put a bullet in his chest — with a real gun.


Fairfield Police Department’s Sgt. Matt Bloesch told Mad World News that the clerk who was in fear for his life and the life of his co-worker used a 40. Caliber Glock handgun to shoot the suspect in the chest. I’d say that is an excellent choice for a reliable firearm and, as proven on Sunday, has plenty of stopping power.

“He went in with a realistic firearm to rob the store and the clerk had no idea whether the gun was real or not,” said Bloesch.

In regard to the clerk who lawfully exercised his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, Bloesch said, “He lawfully possessed that firearm, he shot the man that was robbing his store because he feared for his life and he was defending himself, and he was defending another person.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Fairfield PD is a top notch law enforcement agency. The suspect, who remains in critical condition at a nearby hospital, will be served with warrants and arrested if he does happen to survive his gunshot wound.

Other details, such as the suspect’s name and age have not yet been released by Fairfield PD due to the ongoing investigation. Detectives from Fairfield PD who interviewed the clerks and the witnesses in the store determined that the clerk acted in self-defense, according to local news source SFGate.

To add a little levity to the intense situation, Fox40 interviewed one of the clerk’s friends and loyal customers named Felicia Williams, who gave an outstanding summary of the robbery gone wrong.

“My reaction was … damn!” said Williams. “Everybody’s kind of shocked a little bit. What if I would have been here? Just a lot of thoughts. This is a good place. I felt he did what he was supposed to do!” Williams added.

Good for the store clerk! He went from being the victim of a counter-jumping masked thug to the victor, who protected his life and the lives of those around him by putting a bullet in the assailant’s chest. Once again, we are reminded by this horrific situation that the majority of gun control arguments miss a huge point; It is damn near impossible to resist or overcome aggression without being able to match the force of the aggressor. This clerk was ready to do just that. The reality is that the majority of these kinds of violent stories don’t have a happy ending, but this one does.

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