California Women’s March Event Canceled When They See Who’s Showing Up

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The Women’s March — a feminist movement created to “oppose” President Donald Trump — has been experiencing a few bad months. Chapters are dissolving as top leaders abandon the group. Now, a planned January march in California has been called off. It’s all because of some unwanted guests.

A Women’s March event this January was called off in North California. (Photo Credit: jar []/Flickr)

A day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as our 45th president, a large group of women descended upon Washington, DC. This “Women’s March” was allegedly about support women in the United States and marching for the issues they care about most. But really, they were protesting the election.

Like the rest of the bitter left, the Women’s March became a symbol of how narrow-minded, bigoted, and un-American liberals have become. The group claimed to support women but seemed incapable of focusing on the issues most American women cared about. In fact, when pro-life groups — led by women — wanted to march with the Women’s March, they were denied.

In recent months, the organization has been exposed for shocking levels of corruption. It’s something people on the right have been pointing out for two years. Only now are liberals unable to ignore the facts.

Yet the group continues to limp on, as it loses more and more support. A major march was planned for January in Northern California. The group had to cancel. Why? According to their page, the people attending were too white.

Oh, how racist of them!

Organizers of the Women’s March rally for Humboldt County in northern California canceled its January march over concerns that the participants would be “overwhelmingly white.”

The march was originally scheduled to take place on January 19 in Eureka but was canceled after “many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march,” one of the organizers said in a statement on the group’s Facebook page…

“Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Overwhelmingly white? I guess that’s the worst-case scenario for Democrats, who’ve spent the last few years demonizing white people.

Isn’t this supposed “movement” about togetherness and inclusivity? Then why are they attack a major racial group? Don’t they know most Americans are white? Why would that be a problem? Maybe this toxic, hateful, divisive group just can’t compel minorities to attend their idiotic marches.

Maybe it’s because Humboldt County is 74% white. Hmm… maybe simple statistics are working against this movement. You can’t get people to join if they don’t exist.

It’s pretty shocking for any group in America to disband because there are too many white people. Imagine the outrage if they had said that about any other racial group. People from all sides of politics would have attacked this group if they said the march would be “too black” or “too Hispanic.”

But it’s acceptable to say that if it’s “too white”?

Perhaps it had nothing to do with the members being white. I have a sneaky suspicion that this Women’s March event just couldn’t get enough people on board — white or otherwise. Considering the bad blood of the national group, it’s very likely the women of Humboldt County decided not to attend this year’s march. That’s just what’s happening around the country.

Chicago Women’s March organizers also canceled their planned January 19 march, citing high costs and limited volunteers. The Chicago Tribune also reported that the cancellation also involved “splintering within the national Women’s March leadership following accusations of anti-Semitism and scrutiny of its ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.”

Earlier this month, the Women’s March organizers in Washington state dissolved their chapter following the reports of anti-Semitism in the national organization’s highest ranks. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Since the birth of the Women’s March, conservatives have pointed out how one of its top leaders — Linda Sarsour — has advocated Sharia Law and anti-Semitism. Its members ignored those concerns. After two years of protests, marches, and shrieking, they finally admitting what we all knew.

Now, it looks like more than a few chapters are trying to back away. Even liberal celebrities are distancing themselves from the group.

More people need to know about what’s going on with the Women’s March. Americans have to see the true colors of the left. And they ain’t pretty.