Weeks After Car Wreck, Trump-Basher Jimmy Kimmel Runs Into 2nd Perfectly Brutal Surprise

Just 2 weeks after making an illegal left turn and hitting another driver, notorious Trump-basher Jimmy Kimmel walked directly into an even more brutal surprise. And, you’ll love the photos of it.

Weeks After Car Wreck, Trump-Basher Jimmy Kimmel Runs Into 2nd Perfectly Brutal Surprise
After focusing his talk show host career on bashing President Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel (left and center) has run into another dose of bad luck. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube, Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

During Barack Obama’s 8-year presidential career, leftists constantly told Americans concerned with his destructive foreign policies, political scandals, and a plethora of unconstitutional executive orders to “get over it.” With the election of President Donald Trump, the same liberals are rioting in the streets, screaming at the sky in psychotic fits of rage, and punching political opponents for no other reason than disagreeing with their views.

Proving that they cannot “get over it” when it comes to Trump, countless liberal celebrities have turned their privileged careers into platforms to spew their out-of-touch, unhinged political rhetoric. Despite losing fans and possibly permanently damaging their careers, these Hollywood elitists continue to show the world that they simply can’t control their hypersensitive emotions. For some, the backlash in response to their cringe-worthy breakdowns is only making Trump’s victory that much more savory.

One such liberal elitist is late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who has unabashedly used his talk show to smugly berate President Trump and his supporters. Helpless to do anything of meaning to combat Trump’s approval ratings, the impotent Kimmel pathetically resorts to vulgarities and jokes written for him by his liberal lackeys.

Of course, nothing could save Kimmel from his own mortality, as just 2 weeks ago, the celebrity host made an illegal turn on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, ramming another vehicle. Unfortunately for Kimmel, even he couldn’t dodge the ensuing trolling that was about to take place at his expense.

Fox News reports that Kimmel was confronted not only by his lacking driving skills but also his political fervency when street artist Sabo once again trolled the uptight talk show host with a sign at the scene of his recent wreck, which reads “this includes idiot comedians” directly below the “right turn only” warning.

Channeling both Kimmel’s obvious air of entitlement and his poor driving, conservative artist Sabo brilliantly utilized the scene of the recent collision to once again poke fun at the liberal late-night host.

Sabo’s quips came in response to Kimmel’s self-righteous and absurd claim that “pretty much every late-night talk show (host) is a liberal” before ludicrously charging that it’s “because it requires a measure of intelligence.”

Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter he targeted Kimmel due to comments he made on “Pod Save America.”

“Obviously, his intellect wasn’t so sharp as to keep him from nearly killing someone,” Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter.

However, this isn’t the first time Sabo has used the liberal talk show host as inspiration for his brutal public art displays. In October, Sabo made headlines for mocking Kimmel in satirical ads at bus stops, including one sign calling him a “crybaby” and another renaming his show the “Estrogen House.”

Expectedly, Kimmel was aware of Sabo’s creations but offered no witty reply. Instead, he resorted to taking a selfie with his middle finger up in an unamused gesture to the artist.

Sabo often takes on prominent liberal figures who display hypocritical and absurd political remarks. At the peak of the “#MeToo” movement, Sabo created a poster featuring Golden Globes host Seth Meyers with the phrase “we all knew” and another depicting liberal favorite producer Harvey Weinstein along with the word “God,” which is a reference to actress Meryl Street, who once used the word to describe the sexual predator.

Perhaps, instead of constantly shedding tears on television and relentlessly censuring his president and half of America, Jimmy Kimmel should just come to terms with President Donald Trump’s win and “get over it.”

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