Caribbean Paradise Vacation Turned Nightmare, Wife Found Raped & Murdered

A 39-year-old American woman became the victim of a horrific murder while on vacation with her husband. Information coming out of the Caribbean Island confirms that the woman sustained a rape, and the perpetrator was wielding a sword in this most vicious attack. It’s shaping up as a horrendous tale, with some strange clues leading to questions, which have yet to be answered.

Within hours of arriving on the island, the American woman was found dead on a deserted beach, her husband escaping the harm. Pictured below, the woman’s sandals appear kicked off for walk. Also seen are the couple’s hotel and the beach area where the attack occurred.


The Georgia couple arrived in Grenada on Saturday night. The next day, they went to a deserted part of the La Sagesse beach. There, reports coming in, state the couple went for a walk. During the walk, a man wielding a “cutlass,” or sword, attacked them. Somehow, the husband was able to get free. The husband ran for help, but it was too late.

From The Daily Mail:

Reports are the victim, (a woman) and her husband were attacked on La Sagesse beach by a man with a cutlass. The husband was able to escape, but the body of the woman was found minutes later in the nearby mangrove.

The couple who arrived in Grenada days ago, was a guest at one of the hotels. Police already has a suspect. Reports are that this person of interest is an ex-convict, recently released from prison.

Deserted beach area, where woman was found murdered

Grenada, which is a vacation destination for American and British tourists, prides itself on its safety. Sue Hardy, 63,  a British journalist who is at the scene on vacation, reports:

“Gradually we put the story together. It appears the American woman tourist – described as ‘very beautiful’ by one member of the staff I spoke to – had gone off for a stroll along the beach with her husband,” Hardy said.

She said that her husband ran half a mile back to the restaurant and hotel area to get help, leaving his wife.

“Whether she’d been dragged off and kidnapped, I don’t know,” Hardy said. “Some staff ran back to the deserted beach but by the time they got there she had been murdered. I was told she had been raped too. They said she was lying on the edge of the water. I don’t know how she was killed – maybe the attacker, or attackers, held her down in the water and drowned her, I just don’t know.” — via Daily Mail

Many are speculating about the husband running off. Initial reactions are finding it strange that the husband left his wife in danger. Sue Hardy does go on to tell of the husband’s cries, which she heard coming from the hotel. It seems the husband is incredibly upset, as Sue Hardy adds:

“About half an hour after the first hue and cry went up, we heard this horrible shouting and crying from the hotel. It was so loud that you could hear it above the noise of the waves crashing on to the beach and it went on for about a minute. Everyone was standing up and looking to see what it was. It was a man’s voice but it was a sort of terrible animal-like wailing and sobbing,” Hardy said. — via The Mirror

Last month, a Canadian mother of two was also found murdered in Grenada. Linnea Veinotte, 36, was off jogging with the family dog when she disappeared. Six days later, on December 14th, 2015, Linnea’s body was found in a shallow grave. Grenadian police arrested Akim Frank, a 26-year-old local resident. That investigation is still ongoing.

The Caribbean Islands are a favorite destination for American tourists. Stories like these remind us of the potential dangers and risks involved when traveling abroad.

Paradise is how they describe Grenada. Grenada is now a hell for the families torn apart by the evil lurking among the sandy white beaches and crystal clear blue waters of this paradise lost.

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