WATCH: Carjacking Thug Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction As Asphalt Delivers Brutal Karma

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Shocking footage has emerged out of Kent, Washington, showing what happened when one thug tried to carjack a victim who wasn’t ready to give up the keys. Now, the thug is behind bars after suffering a major wardrobe malfunction that’s gaining him national attention after the asphalt delivered a brutal dose of karma to his manhood, and luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

Screenshots of video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/Internet News)

According to local news source KIRO7, the brazen carjacking attempt took place on Saturday, August 26, 2017. Police said that the suspect seen in the now-viral clip had tried to assault several motorists before clinging to the door handle of one SUV. This is when a bystander started to record the shocking incident that will leave you cringing as the thieving thug gets exactly what he deserves.

As the clip begins, the suspect, who is wearing shorts and a blue shirt, can be seen clinging onto the door handle for dear life as the motorist he’s trying to carjack accelerates down the street. Any other person in their right mind would have just let go but not this degenerate. The footage shows him getting dragged for several hundred yards before the SUV slows down and he tries to stand up and take a swing at the victim as the door of the vehicle swings open.

The victim was clearly fed-up and stepped on the gas pedal again. This time, the thug gets a dose of painful road-rash as he starts to lose his shorts, flipping face and manhood down as he drags along the asphalt, leaving viewers saying, “That’s got to hurt.”

It only takes a few seconds for his shorts to come off completely as the driver keeps right on going and the thug flips right side up, getting a second dose of karma to his backside in the form of some additional road rash. As for the driver who keeps on going as all this unfolds, I wouldn’t have stopped either. If this idiot was dumb enough to try carjacking an innocent motorist in broad day light, then there’s no telling what else he would do and he deserved every bit of what he received.

As the footage comes to an end, the man is seen still clinging to the door handle of the SUV as it swerves around other cars to avoid having to stop. The Kent Police Department responded to an inquiry on Twitter asking if they were aware of the carjacking suspect. “We are. PSA: don’t try to carjack people, if you do, let go if they drive off,” they said. About an hour after their first response the Kent Police Department released a statement to advise the public that the suspect had been taken into custody. “Yes, several have already asked. Suspect attempted to carjack several cars and was arrested,” the additional Twitter statement read.

According to police, the suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. I think it’s safe to assume he arrived with more than a few painful road burns, which he definitely deserved after trying to victimize innocent people. A few of the motorists the man attacked were also treated for minor injuries. Now that the thug has been put behind bars, hopefully, he will face a judge who will put him away for a considerable amount of time.

No matter where you go in our country, there will always be criminals like this guy who will viciously attack other people to get what they want. The next time you see an officer on patrol, take a moment to thank them for being the dividing line between scum like this guy and your family because their job is never an easy one.

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