Carrey: ‘Osama Bin Laden Doesn’t Hold a Candle to Mitch McConnell,’ Gets Smackdown

Jim Carrey can’t seem to get through a week without blurting out anti-Trump and anti-GOP rhetoric. However, this time the Canadian actor dug himself in deep. Carrey said that the terror attacks of 9/11, responsible for 3,000 deaths and masterminded by Osama Bin Laden, doesn’t compare to the “gun deaths” the Hollywood actor claims Senator Mitch McConnell is responsible for. Well, that’s when the Hollywood leftist got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this.

Jim Carrey (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Jim Carrey is one of the Hollywood elite who thinks he is just a tad bit smarter than supporters of President Donald Trump. The comedian who now holds dual citizenship in both Canada and the United States feels he can lecture lifelong Americans on 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, and gun rights.

Carrey uses his Twitter account to post his “artwork” which usually depicts Trump in some vile way. However, this time Carrey is coming under heavy fire for posting: “10,000 gun deaths in 2019 and the year is far from over. What Osama bin Laden did to us was terrible but he doesn’t hold a candle to Mitch McConnell.”

What Bin Laden did to us? Carrey has only been an American citizen since 2004, and we all know that was for tax reasons. In most interviews, Carrey identifies as a Canadian, only. This could have been overlooked if it wasn’t for his main topic: gun violence, which he attributes to the GOP, and claiming McConnell is far worse than OBL.

Carrey’s latest politically charged drawing comes after San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voting to unanimously declare the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization.

“The NRA — an organization committed to expanding and defending the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to arm themselves — constantly finds itself at the center of attacks from the left, from Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden who has vowed to ‘defeat the National Rifle Association’ to left-wing Hollywood to Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization Moms Demand Action,” Breitbart reports.

Jim Carrey has long targeted the NRA. Last March, Carrey called NRA head Wayne LaPierre a “demon from hell.” A month earlier, the Dumb and Dumber star shared a blood-soaked painting of a bullet hole-riddled schoolgirl over an American flag.

Americans are livid at Carrey’s post and they made sure the leftwing loser knows it. 

“Schmuck, Get the hell back to Canada, which is great. Please tell me why all these people who emigrated from those wondrous lands, came here to this terrible country, and why they don’t go back? WW2VET,” tweeted “NAT KOBITZ41P.”

“He’s a high school dropout with a substance abuse and mental health issues. If he wasn’t rich he’d be homeless (again). A mosquito is more useful than Jim Carey,” tweeted Mike Rockland.

“ANNUAL ABORTION STATISTICS Based on the latest state-level data, approximately 879,000 abortions took place in the United States in 2017—down from approximately 892,000 abortions in 2016 and 913,000 abortions in 2015. But liberals don’t care about this issue!” tweeted Nick Hanlon to Jim Carrey.

“Jim: How many of that are suicides that have nothing to do with whether or not guns are available? ‘The U.S. Department of Justice reports that approximately 60% of all adult firearm deaths are by suicide, 61% more than deaths by homicide.’ No guns–other methods,” tweeted “Cplaw.”

In Jim Carrey’s warped mind, the GOP lead by Mitch McConnell is far worse than Osma Bin Laden. Just how does someone come to this conclusion? You must be thoroughly brainwashed by leftwing activists to believe that taking away all law-abiding citizens guns will decrease gun violence and mass shootings.

“Mass shootings get the most attention, but they account for a tiny fraction of total gun deaths in the U.S., data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show. Among the nation’s 36,252 firearms-related fatalities in 2015, 61% were suicides and most of the rest were ordinary homicides,” The Los Angeles Times reports.

Bad guys don’t follow the law and will get firearms any way they can. So, let’s stop the insanity of demonizing guns and those Americans who legally own them.

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