Here’s 18 Cartoons Of Muhammad Muslims DO NOT Want Us To See [Photos]

On Wednesday, three Muslim terrorists stormed the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in order to enact gruesome revenge for their political cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, killing 12 people total. In honor of free speech rights and as a tribute to those who died for exercising them, here’s over a dozen cartoons that are sure to send radicals through the roof.

For quite some time, Muslims across the globe have been outraged at any “blasphemous” depictions of Muhammad, and in some cases they’ve lashed out. Charlie Hebdo was actually the target of extremists several years ago for that very reason.

In 2011, after initially publishing cartoon depicting their beloved prophet as a “guest editor” named “Charia Hebdo,” militants firebombed the publication’s offices as a part of a string of other retaliatory attacks. According to the NY Times, the editors at Hebdo didn’t back down then either, and six days after the building was gutted they released a new issue with the cover featuring a presumably Muslim man wearing a beard and kissing a cartoonist that was captioned “L’amour plus fort que la haine,” which translates to “Love: stronger than hate.”

So in order to honor our free speech rights across the globe and to send a message to Muslims everywhere that we won’t be silenced by their acts of terror, below are some of the cartoons released by Hebdo, as well as others found around the web that depict Muhammad in a less than favorable fashion.

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