Cashier Shocked At Woman’s Form Of Payment, Obama Made Her Do It

Cashier Shocked At What Woman Tried To Pay With, Obama Made Her Do It
Pamela Downs pictured with example grocery store photo

A Tennessee woman epitomizes exactly what an Obama voter is and why America has been plagued with two terms of his presidency. She was idiotic enough to believe a lie she read on the Internet, believing it must be true since it claimed Obama said it. Just like all of his failed promises and many lies, the ones who suffer the most are those who blindly follow, which this woman did all the way to the slammer.

Pamela Downs was elated to learn the end to her financial woes was upon her, easier than being shelled out heaps of welfare goodies. The agony of having to wait a month to get her benefits check would be eased with funds whenever she wanted them. All it took was a simple click of the print button, turning her little apartment into just another U.S. Mint location.

Evidently, Downs didn’t bother to fine-tune her scrapbooking skills when she made her own money, as there was no need since she was supposedly under the impression that Obama had passed a new law for low-income individuals, like herself, to print their own money at will. After all, this is the ultimate welfare mentality, getting something without working for it, and now it’s even easier — or so she thought.

She bought a simple printer and some black ink and printed out her own money in the comfort of her rundown living room. She even incurred the extra expense of using two pieces of paper and double the ink, to create both sides of the bill and glue them together. It didn’t seem to dawn on Downs that it’s best to at least be sure each side faces up, as her counterfeit bill was slapped together any rickety way she could get it done quickly, so she could get shopping.

With all the fraudulent cash she could print, to the tune of $30,000 to $50,000, and a whopper of a reason she’s allowed to make her own money, she went grocery shopping. It took half a second for the cashier at the local store to realize her bills were anything but legit and call in the cops, the Kingsport Times News reported.

The officer searched the 45-year-old Obama-loving shopper’s purse and found more fake $100 bills, along with Walmart receipts for her purchase of the printer and ink to make it. When he asked her about the ridiculous cash, which was described as falling apart at the glued seems, Downs shouted, “I don’t give a s**t, all these other b*****s get to print money, so I can too.”  Spoken like a true entitled Obama voter.

If there has ever been an answer to the question why we “can’t have nice things,” this woman and those like her would be one of the reasons. It’s people like Downs, who believe in all the false promises Obama gives and subsequently every little – or big – lie they read on the Internet. Perhaps now that she’s been charged with criminal simulation and counterfeiting, she should possibly look a little closer at who she puts her trust in politically. Maybe next time she’ll vote for someone who can follow through on their financial promises for the country without making minions believe they can print their own way out of poverty.

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