CDC Announces Latest Deadly ‘Gift’ Illegals Have Brought to U.S. Citizens

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Donald Trump’s hardline stance on immigration and the security of our Southern Border was greatly criticized during his successful 2016 presidential campaign. However, the importance of such a policy for our nation’s safety is being drilled home now that the CDC has announced the latest deadly “gift” illegals have brought to U.S. citizens, proving once again that the right man won on November 8.

National health officials have traced the source of Arizona’s most recent measles outbreak to a private detention center for illegal immigrants in Eloy. State health officials are now stating that the potential exposure area has been expanded, as people from Maricopa and Pinal counties have also become infected with the disease, thanks to the aliens flooding our border illegally. The Pinal County Public Health Services District has issued a county-wide alert.

A hallmark of the disease, which has claimed the lives of those young and old, is an irritating red rash which is raised and blotchy.

This marks the latest outbreak in the past three years of a disease which was previously almost extinct. All of these outbreaks were subsequently able to be traced back to the unchecked flood of illegals. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is still being lambasted for his plans to build a wall along our porous Southern Border.

Measles is marked by a fever, red, watery eyes and a runny nose, in addition to an irritating red rash that is raised and blotchy. If you believe you may have been infected with the disease, it is best to call your doctor before going in, in order to warn others who could become infected.

If you think you may have become infected with the measles, call your doctor to schedule an appointment before going in, in order to warn others who could become infected.

Health officials have stated that anyone who has received two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccines as well as those who were born before 1957 and received one MMR vaccine are immune to contracting measles. The map below, courtesy of ABC15, shows possible areas of measles exposure.

Those who trashed Donald Trump for his plan to build a massive wall along our Southern Border with Mexico seemingly have nothing to say when the grave consequences of rampant illegal immigration, the most recent measles outbreak being one, crop up in our own country.

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