Celebrities Protest In All Black Attire At Golden Globes, Here’s The 1 Thing They Missed

After the Golden Globe Awards, it seems that the mainstream media has nothing else to talk about other than the virtually worthless action that celebrities took to protest sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. In their pathetic attempt to have all eyes on them once again, the Hollywood crowd decided to proudly wear “all black,” but there’s one thing they missed.

Celebrities Protest In All Black Attire At Golden Globes, Here's The 1 Thing They Missed
George Clooney (left), the Golden Globes audience (center), Oprah Winfrey (right) (Photo Credit: Flickr, Screenshot/YouTube, Greg Hernandez/Wikimedia Commons)

Over the weekend, Hollywood actors and actresses arrived at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards ready for a good time and to accept their awards. However, behind the scenes, they had mostly all agreed to wear all-black ensembles to protest sexual abuse in the entertainment industry that has surfaced over the past several months.

As they arrived at the show, it quickly became clear that they had decided to make another statement. As Breitbart reported, “A-listers began arriving at the awards show in black dresses and tuxedos, and rather than being famously asked ‘Who are you wearing?’ by E! News, a tradition started by the late Joan Rivers, stars were asked ‘Why are you wearing black?'”

Of course, they’re often full of themselves and were eager to provide an answer, claiming the attire was chosen as a statement to speak out against sexual abuse in the entertainment industry.

So, when they proudly showed up to the ceremony in “all black” to protest the recent sexual abuse scandals, the initial questions gave them the attention they were seeking, even though it’s unclear what they actually want anyone watching to do about the alleged abuse plaguing their industry.

Regardless of their answer, there is one thing they seemed to miss – no one cares about their publicity stunt and empty expressions of empathy. What’s more, Americans don’t want to be lectured about it when it was the Hollywood crowd itself that engaged in the misconduct.

Quite simply, they basically made a spectacle of their scandalous behavior. It was like shining a spotlight on their sexual depravity. Each and every black dress screamed, “Look at us! We looked the other way while a sexual predator abused young girls, but now we are wearing black to bring awareness to the abuse we allowed because our fans finally found out about it, so forgive us, okay!?”

The American people already know about the sexual misconduct that has been plaguing the entertainment industry. While Hollywood is now “raising awareness,” it’s Hollywood that was hiding it in the first place. Furthermore, just in case they forgot, they already made their statement on that same issue during their recent “#metoo” movement.

As a result of their attention-seeking success with that, it seems they’ve had to implement a “spin-off” of their “me too” movement with the “all black” protest that is simply an empty call to action that actually accomplishes nothing and exploited sexual abuse to garner attention for celebrities who quite simply didn’t give a damn what was going on behind closed hotel room doors until it started to affect their own popularity and, thus, pocketbook.

I think it’s time they realize that no one in America truly cares about their opinions, which seemingly change with the wind when it suits them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a shame that they’re working in an industry where sexual harassment is prevalent and it does need to be stopped, but those kinds of problems don’t get fixed by hashtags and everyone wearing the same color. They get fixed by calling out the behavior — something many of these celebrities-now-turned-activists already proved they weren’t willing to do when the horrendous assaults occurred.

As celebrities filled social media with photos of their attire to strum up yet even more attention, several social media users couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “All of this attention ignores the elephant in the room (and the steaming pile behind it). Where were all these ‘powerful’ women while those ‘harassments’ and ‘abuses’ were occurring? Hypocrisy is claiming to ‘stand with the victims’ after deliberately not acknowledging the issue for years and years,” one user wrote.

“I support these women wearing black. One should always wear black to a funeral. RIP Hollywood,” another social media user added, while yet another pointed out, “Wow they wore black. Isn’t that a color they wear all the time. How ridiculous.”

The problems the entertainment industry is facing can be stopped rather quickly if everyone became accountable for their actions. If those who are doing wrong got jailed or punished for what they have done or are doing, then the behavior would be discouraged. However, if it keeps being swept under the rug and silently accepted, nothing will change, and that’s exactly what we saw from Hollywood with these sex abuse scandals. Other than actually fighting back when the sexual misconduct happens, no movement after the fact will actually fix anything.