World-Renowned Celebrity Psychic Predicts Death Of Presidential Candidate

Known as “Medium Thomas,” Thomas John is a world-renowned psychic who has made many accurate predictions, including the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, just to name a few. In addition, he’s also predicted natural disasters and shootings with impressive accuracy, so finding out he’s seeing the death of one of the United States’ presidential candidates is something incredibly huge.

Medium Thomas John
Medium Thomas John

Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic medium and clairvoyant, as well as a published author and life coach, who has conducted hundreds of readings around the world. He is known as one of the most accurate psychics still alive and began seeing things in his early years. He chooses to share his visions because he believes it could help us.

“When I began doing psychic readings for people professionally at the age of 21, my entire life changed, the way I saw, viewed, understood, and experienced the world drastically changed and evolved. I began to see the complicated things that happen in the world. I began to see how the ‘stories’ and ‘news’ that we are often provided with can be very far from the truth sometimes. Even before I started sharing my predictions, I would receive impressions of events before they would happen. About five years ago, I decided to share them with the world. I feel that by doing this, I can help others become more prepared for the years and months ahead.” — Medium Thomas

Medium Thomas John also states that because he must interpret the visions he receives, his accuracy suffers, but only slightly. He’s been pretty spot on with deaths, and he sees Hillary Clinton as passing away in the “next two years.”  Thomas John made this prediction at the beginning of 2016, so it seems like we are quickly approaching the time to see if he’s correct in his assessment. Hillary’s health is waning, and that’s painfully obvious to anyone who looks at her and sees her mannerisms. She stumbles and often needs assistance to walk up stairs and get into vehicles.

Thomas John also sees Betty White, Burt Reynolds, and Dolly Parton passing away within the same time frame as well. Only time will tell if he is accurate in his predictions of these deaths, but the passing of Hillary Clinton is a big and bold prediction, especially since her passing could come after the election. His prediction only gives her a little more than one year left or less, and that would have huge implications for our country if she wins in November, should she still be around.

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