VIDEO: Cheating Wife Clip Goes Viral, But Everyone Missed The Obvious

Quite the disturbing clip is spreading around social media, and a few so-called news outlets are claiming that a “suspicious husband” decided to set up a hidden camera to keep an eye on his wife. Although the nature of the video takes an amorous turn, it seems that these other news outlets missed one obvious thing.

[WATCH] Cheating Wife Clip Goes Viral, But Everyone Missed The Obvious
Images from a viral video (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)
The clip claims that after becoming rather suspicious, a man decided to set up a hidden camera to check in on his wife. Unfortunately, things get awkward when the plumber walks through the door – and that’s when her husband purportedly sees what she’s like when he is not around. This sounds like an oddly familiar scenario, and there’s a reason for that.

The video starts off simple enough, just showing the kitchen, but before long, his wife enters the frame. Come to find out, she had called a plumber to help with some repairs. Although he thought that he was there to look at a faulty sink, it wasn’t long before he realized what the real issue was.

It doesn’t take long to see – between her clothing choice (i.e. short skirt) and the way she was bending over – that her “nonchalant” actions weren’t an accident. As the interaction continues, the woman’s advances come not only more frequently but more obvious as well.

However, it seems that there’s a bit more to the clip that a few keen eyes called rather “obvious.” In fact, if you didn’t realize that the video was staged by this point, you are the reason that they place warnings on shampoo bottles.

Before long, the woman seems to be going out of her way to give the plumber a view up her skirt, but this is made especially clear when he’s lying on his back while working under the sink. Acting in a capacity not fitting of a modest woman, the woman could be seen straddling the man while standing up – something a married woman should not do with someone who isn’t her husband.

As one would imagine, the shocking footage has since gone viral, but it seems that those reporting on the matter missed one obvious thing – it’s fake. More concerned with getting clicks on their website than spreading the truth, others are ignoring the fact that this is the beginning scene of a pornographic video of some sort.

Despite the fact that this video was given a false title on YouTube, it’s painfully obvious that it’s fake. However, there is a powerful lesson to be learned. Infidelity, in today’s society, is being viewed as something “entertaining.”

Even worse yet, it’s being glorified around the web as well. There’s no arguing that this is unspeakable behavior coming from a married woman, but all anyone wants to do is share the video knowing full well that they could profit off it because “sex sells.” Too bad for those thinking in such a way, the truth is out now.

When you make a promise to someone else that you’ll spend your entire life with that person and be faithful to them, you better well mean it. Being honest in a relationship is about as important as it comes, and honesty in journalism has also been lacking.