JUST IN: Cheesecake Factory Makes Stunning Announcement About Black Man In MAGA Hat

Over the weekend, a man entered a Cheesecake Factory to dine with his girlfriend’s family. But, when the staff saw that he was wearing a MAGA hat, their reaction stunned the entire restaurant. Now, the restaurant chain has made an announcement about the concerning incident.

The Cheesecake Factory (background) released a statement (top right inset) regarding an incident with Trump supporter Eugenior Joseph (bottom left inset), who was harassed by employees of the restaurant for wearing a MAGA hat. (Photo Credit: Paul/Flickr, Cheesecake Factory/Twitter, Eugenior Joseph via The Daily Wire)

Over the weekend, 22-year-old Eugenior Joseph accompanied his girlfriend and her family to a Cheesecake Factory in Miami. He was hoping to enjoy the evening and have a good meal. Like many other Americans, he was sporting the iconic red “Make America Great Again” hat associated with President Donald Trump.

22-year-old Eugenior Joseph in his “Make America Great Again” hat. (Photo Credit: Eugenior Joseph via The Daily Wire)

However, instead of enjoying a meal with family, Joseph was attacked. The staff at the restaurant apparently could not accept a black man wearing that hat. They made verbal assaults and threatened him.

Then, things got scary. One of the witnesses said that the event was so traumatic and threatening that an elderly woman who was present had to take medication to calm herself down.

The Sunday incident allegedly began at the Cheesecake Factory located inside Dadeland Mall when 22-year-old Eugenior Joseph was seated while wearing his MAGA hat.

According to multiple witnesses and Joseph’s own account, a woman who worked at the restaurant walked up to him and started pointing at his hat, signaling for the other employees to come over.

“Her finger was literally on top of his head, we were all looking at her like ‘what is happening?’” one witness told The Daily Wire. “She was pointing at him, calling her other coworkers, telling them to look at this guy wearing a Make America Great Again hat.”

At that point, approximately a dozen or so employees approached the table and began making comments about the hat, with some saying they wanted to punch Joseph in the face. Witnesses also allege that some of the employees also referred to him as a “n**ger” in their conversations among each other. [Source: Daily Wire]

After Ann Coulter tweeted to the Cheesecake Factory, asking them if they had seen the story about the way Eugenior Joseph was treated, they responded to her tweet by saying, “No guest should ever feel unwelcome in one of our restaurants and we are taking this matter very seriously. They claim to have apologized to the guests who were being verbally assaulted and threatened by their employees in person and have suspended the individuals, pending the results of their investigation.”

It appears that the result of that investigation was the finding that the story about the way Eugenior Joseph was treated was, in fact, true, which left the Cheesecake Factory no choice but to fire the employees responsible for attacking the 22-year-old Trump supporter.

“All guests should always feel welcome in our restaurants,” the company announced on Wednesday. “The recent incident in one of our Miami restaurants fell short of our standards, and we apologize to the guest and his family. Two individuals are no longer employed by the company, and we are continuing to investigate.”

The Cheesecake Factory obviously made the right choice by firing the employees who harrassed Eugenior Joseph. Truthfully, these individuals have no business whatsoever working in any sort of customer service related industry.

There’s nothing more racist than the expectation that a person should not support a certain politician or agenda simply because of the color of their skin. Democrats are truly the real racists.

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