Chelsea Claims She’s ‘Deeply Religious’ & ‘Abortion Is Christian,’ Gets Brutal Surprise

Chelsea Clinton is eyeing a political run in 2020 and has decided the main issue she’ll champion is abortion. In a SiriusXM interview, the daughter of a failed presidential candidate was defending the 58 million abortions in America by claiming she is “deeply religious” as she went on to explain it’s obvious to leftists that abortion is Christian. Well, Ms. Clinton immediately got a brutal surprise she won’t ever forget.

Chelsea Clinton ((Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Leave it to the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton to make the absolutely offensive argument that abortion is somehow a Christian ideal. And how does the Stanford graduate know abortions are a Christian ideal? Well, she’s deeply religious. She’s a Christian, don’t you know?

Chelsea once again is arguing that those of us who see abortion as an abomination in the eyes of God are just not as smart or as religious as she is. Townhall reports, “In response to a question about how she stayed optimistic about her fight to keep abortion legal, Clinton replied that ‘every day I make the moral choice to be optimistic that my efforts and my energies, particularly when I’m fortunate enough to be in partnership with fellow travelers, hopefully, will make a difference.'”

“And when I think about all of the statistics — that are painful — of what women are confronting,” she continued, “today in our country, and what even more women confronted pre-Roe and how many women died and how many more women were maimed because of unsafe abortion practices, we just can’t go back to that.”

“That’s unconscionable to me, and also, I’m sure that this will unleash another wave of hate in my direction, but as a deeply religious person, it’s also unchristian to me,” she concluded.

So let’s get this straight. Chelsea is a fear-monger. She’s falling back on that “back-alley abortion” nonsense to claim abortion saves more lives by staying legal in America, thus she concludes it’s a Christian concept. Then, she continues to play the religious card claiming that murdering babies in the womb is the better moral choice.  

The problem with this ridiculous argument is that Chelsae can’t admit the product of abortion is a human being, a baby who is sucked out of the womb and chopped up into little pieces. It’s also not a choice, it’s called murder by Almighty God. And in 2018 there is no scandal about being an unwed mother which is why many of those back alley abortions sadly took place.

Then, she doubled down on her theory that abortion has helped the American economy. “American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy,” Clinton said. “Right? The net, new entrance of women—that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973.”

Chelsea Clinton is a real piece of work. She claims not only is abortion morally a Christian concept, she also says killing babies in the womb is a money thing, claiming America is better off financially now that those poor babies were killed. Well, she’s dead wrong, and only the sick twisted progeny of the Clintons could actually say these things out loud.

Abortion has stunted our American economy. Numbers don’t lie, and since Roe became law, we have killed 58 million Americans who would have been — not only consumers — but producers. Studies say due to abortion we are actually missing 70 million Americans since many of those aborted would have become parents themselves.

As Mad World News previously reported, “The total contribution of each American to the overall economy is calculated by the United States government at $54,000. Now when you marry up that number with the total number of Americans not in the economy owing to abortion which is not just 58 million, but rather 70 million, the economic impact is near beyond comprehension.”

70 million people times $54,000 is just a couple hundred billion dollars shy of $4 trillion.

Think of all the contributions that could have been made by 70 million missing Americans. How can we ever calculate their worth? All the missing sons and daughters, maybe one of the aborted could have cured cancer by now. Our Constitution says we have a “right to life.” The only choice those sickos who support abortion should have is before the baby is conceived.

Last month, Hillary Clinton’s only child first made her “abortion is great for the economy” argument, and the Rev. Franklin Graham tweeted to Chelsea, “Legalizing abortion hasn’t added anything to our country, it has only taken away & cost this nation more than 60 million lives—lives precious to God. Think of the contribution they would’ve made. I believe God will judge America for allowing the murder of unborn children.”

Americans across the country are outraged at Chelsea Clinton’s statements. On social media, she is rightly getting hammered. Bill Harper wrote, “The emerging and ‘ progressive ‘ churches will likely agree with her but she and her parents will never get Bible-believing Christians to fall for that lie nor change our views on the evil of abortion.”

As the daughter of Hillary Clinton, you’d think Chelsea would be thanking her lucky stars that her dear mother didn’t abort her. But if she did, I guess by Chelsea’s standards, it would be a gain for the American economy and be approved by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, how these leftists try so hard to turn evil into good.

Clinton’s deception is nothing new. More Americans mean more production, more consumption, and a stronger economy, and murder is murder no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s a woman’s “right” to chose. Our Constitution says all Americans have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which patriotic God-fearing Americans know the Founding Fathers based on God’s natural law. America was founded as a Christian country, and we must reject Clinton and her cronies attempts to make America a godless nation.

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