Loudmouth Chelsea Clinton Attacks Kellyanne, Learns BIG MISTAKE Too Late

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Loudmouth Chelsea Clinton Attacks Kellyanne, Learns BIG MISTAKE Too Late
Chelsea Clinton (left), Kellyanne Conway (right)

The Clinton family has always thought their crap doesn’t stink, which is exactly why Chelsea Clinton recently opened her fat trap to attack Presidential Adviser Kellyanne Conway. Unfortunately for the Clinton spawn, she would only learn just how big of a mistake she’d made once it was too late.

Most of America has been made aware that Kellyanne Conway had a slip of the tongue during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, thanks to the liberal mainstream media who made sure everyone heard all about it in their efforts to delegitimize President Donald Trump and anyone close to him.

Although Kellyanne Conway referred to the “Bowling Green Massacre,” an event that never happened, she really meant to say the the “Bowling Green terrorists.”

Conway has since come out on Twitter to acknowledge and correct her mistake:

Unfortunately, as is often the case these days, the leftist media is making a huge ordeal out of the accident by trying to make her look as bad as possible. Even worse yet, the mainstream media isn’t the only one spreading lies and deceit. Chelsea Clinton herself decided to chime into the nonsense with this tweet:

However, it seems that what Chelsea was actually trying to do was see just how far she could fit her feet into her big mouth. In just a few short moments, one response absolutely destroyed the woman and her condemnation:

As we all know, Chelsea’s mother, Hillary Clinton, made up a story about being under attack in Bosnia, but the video paints quite a different picture:

Maybe if Chelsea wants to make sure that the public gets accurate information, she should start by looking in her own family and correcting the obvious discrepancies that her own parents have repeatedly uttered. When it comes down to it, the list of lies her mother has spewed is nearly endless, from things like her email scandal to Benghazi and beyond.

Hypocrisy can be a funny thing – but it just makes you look so much worse when that which you condemn hits so close to home.