Social Media “Dies” After Chelsea Clinton Sends Bizarre Tweet To The Church Of Satan

Social media has erupted after Chelsea Clinton tweeted three words to The Church of Satan in what can only be explained as a bizarre string of messages, which also involved model Chrissy Teigen and the restaurant Hooters. We had our suspicions about Chelsea, but this just proves what we’ve all been thinking.

Chelsea Clinton (inset) (Photo Credit: Twitter/Chelsea Clinton, Church of Satan)

According to Daily Caller, the former first daughter got caught up in a bizarre string of tweets between The Church of Satan, model Chrissy Teigen, and the restaurant Hooters after she expressed her support for Teigen who was embattled over recent accusations of pedophilia.

Clinton reportedly gave a cheery holiday greeting to The Church of Satan when she wrote, “Happy New Year,” in a tweet on Tuesday, January 2, 2017. Just when we all thought it would be Hillary with some kind of affiliation to The Church of Satan, it ends up being her demon spawn. This is truly shocking.

The exchange of bizarre tweets began when Teigen expressed her frustration via tweets in regard to a verified Twitter account that used pictures of her daughter in costumes to make outrageous accusations of pedophilia. Clinton jumped in and tweeted that she was sending Teigen and her daughter “a huge hug.” Teigen, in turn, sent her love back to Clinton and her family.

Chelsea’s reply read, “Chrissy, sending you & beautiful Luna a huge hug. It is awful & never ok when people threaten or demean any child. I’ve lost count of the Twitter accounts who’ve threatened Charlotte with #FGM. While I never bother to report threats against me, I now report every one against her.”

For a moment, the exchange between the two mothers seemed quite normal until it took a journey into the weird when an account called @roguehooters responded to the conversation the following day with tweets that resulted in Twitter suspending the account.

A separate Twitter user tagged Hooters official twitter account in a reply to notify the company about the handle @roguehooters and bring the tweets coming from the account to the restaurant’s attention. Hooters later released a statement saying that the rogue account was not affiliated with the company.

During the weird exchange, Clinton replied that users tagged her and The Church of Satan’s twitter account in several threads in 2017. She tagged The Church of Satan in her tweet and the group responded. This is when Clinton wished the Satanic organization a “Happy New Year.” The reply she received was equally as weird.

Screenshot of Twitter conversation between Chelsea Clinton and The Church of Satan (Photo Credits: Twitter/Chelsea Clinton)

At this point, many on social media were just left scratching their heads or shaking them. Some took the opportunity to weigh in on the thread with some snarky responses. One user named johnny85856976 wrote, “Your mother is pretty much the leader of @ChurchofSatan.”

Another amused Twitter user named Brett Rudolph wrote, “@ChelseaClinton It’s great to see you confirm what most of us expected. Not only is your family corrupt but also you align yourselves with Satanist. How’s that working for you and your family? Please Please please encourage your criminal mother to run again in 2020.”

Another user named clos99 said, “So to start out 2018 we learn that Hooters, Church of Satan, Chelsea Clinton, Chrissy Teigan are all buddy’s…….Twitter is a weird place…..smh.”

But, perhaps my favorite response to Clinton’s bizarre conversation with The Church of Satan came from a user with the Twitter handle ItsTime. “Hahahahaha Yes Thank GOD you’re in the same thread as Hooters and not the @WhiteHouse What a time to be alive indeed!!! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.”

What an epically weird thread to start off the new year. This should make good ammunition for conservatives when Chelsea runs for office. We all know that, until the Clinton crime family is put behind bars, they will continue to be an eyesore of American politics.

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