Chelsea Handler Blames Trump For CA Wildfires, Gets Brutal Reality Check Moments Later

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Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler has taken to Twitter to stupidly blame the California wildfires on President Donald Trump. Immediately after she sent out her dumb tweet, though, she was hit with a brutal reality check.

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler cries as she discusses the results of the 2016 presidential election (left), A structure burns at the Lilac Fire in the early morning hours of December 8, 2017, near Bonsall, California (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube, David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Southern California is currently in crisis mode as several active wildfires threaten thousands of homes, their occupants, and pets. Tens of thousands of acres have burned to the ground as firefighters work furiously to contain the vast blaze.

There are several active fires in and around Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

On Wednesday, a blaze known as the Skirball fire broke out along the I-405, one of the nation’s busiest, prompting a mandatory evacuation order for a portion of the affluent Bel Air neighborhood.

The Skirball fire also led to the closure of that major highway. It has since reopened in both directions.
The largest fire currently being battled is Ventura County’s Thomas fire, which has claimed 90,000 acres and destroyed at least 150 buildings, according to officials. [Source: CNN]

If there’s one thing the people affected by these fires do not need, it’s an out-of-touch celebrity politicizing the tragedy, but that didn’t stop liberal comedian Chelsea Handler from foolishly blaming the blaze on President Donald Trump.

“It’s like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire. Literally and figuratively,” Handler tweeted on Wednesday morning. “Stay safe everyone. Dark times.”

Her inference that President Trump is to blame for the California wildfires is absurd, to be sure. What does she think? That he flew to the West Coast real quick to light a match in the brush? That’s ridiculous, even for Chelsea Handler.

However, it appears that she has not gotten away with her inflammatory comment unscathed. As she blamed Trump for starting the California wildfires which have forced thousands from their homes, Handler had to evacuate her house, as well. This could not have come at a worse time for the comedian, as she was set to film the final episode of her “Chelsea” talk show the very same day.

To add insult to injury, Twitter users came out in droves to share their outrage over her comment that Trump was to blame for the fires.

Chelsea Handler was blasted on social media Wednesday for blaming President Trump for the wildfires burning in California this week.

Handler tweeted: “Just evacuated my house. It’s like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire. Literally and figuratively. Stay safe everyone. Dark times.”

Some social media users slammed Handler for mentioning Trump in the middle of a natural disaster and blaming him for the fires. [Source: Fox News]

“1st thought: These fires are absolutely tragic. God bless all. 2nd thought: Wow. If Chelsea Handler is tweeting about her hatred of POTUS during this critical time, she’s sicker than I thought. Sad,” wrote one Twitter user who gave Handler a brutal reality check.

“Chelsea Handler now says that Trump caused the California wildfires. Well he must be one powerful wizard if he can summon cat 5 hurricanes and cause massive wildfires…To have both fire and wind stats maxed out shows he must be at a really high level!” mocked another social media user.

“Your house is literally burning down, along with many people’s homes. People’s lives are [at] stake, and you make your tweet about Donald Trump…I feel bad for you. It’s really sad. I hope everyone stays safe during the LA fires,” tweeted someone else.

Handler being forced to evacuate her posh southern California home seems to be well-deserved karma for her incendiary antics as of late. Indeed, she hasn’t just been attacking President Trump. She’s also been targeting White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who she recently called a “whore.”

“That harlot that they are dressing up and trolloping out every day?” Handler said in reference to Sanders. “I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she’s got like 6-foot long eyelashes, and she’s got cleavage, and summer whore lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they’ve turned her into? A proper trollop.”

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ appearance on her weekly Netflix show, calling the White House press secretary a “harlot” who wears “summer whore lipstick.”

The clip, flagged by the conservative Media Research Center, is from the Dec. 1 episode of “Chelsea,” titled “Dinner Party: Scandalous,” and shows Handler interviewing Lanny Davis, a lawyer and former special counsel to President Bill Clinton. [Source: The Washington Free Beacon]

Considering all of this, Chelsea Handler’s got a fair amount of karma headed her way. I wouldn’t be surprised if her house burnt to the ground in these fires. If anyone deserves that to happen, it’s her.

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