What Chelsea Is Doing On New Magazine Cover Pisses Off Patriots Everywhere

The Clinton machine is forcing big time Hollywood liberals to push dear daughter Chelsea on all of America. This latest stunt on a famous magazine cover, with a big time spread inside the special issue, is pissing off every patriot who sees it, and the claims that it makes are an outrage. In fact, it should be Ivanka Trump on this cover. You’ll agree when you see what the Clintons have done now.

Variety is the big Hollywood magazine that covers all the actors and actresses. So, what in the hell is Chelsea Clinton doing on the cover of a special edition titled “Power Women of New York”? The outrage is being heard loud and clear from patriotic Americans, and when you learn the details, you’ll be as pissed as everyone else.

It started with a tweet by Claudia Eller, Variety Magazine’s Co-Editor-In-Chief. She was giving the public a preview of the special edition which is not out yet. So ridiculous is Eller on Twitter — there is not one reply that is in favor of Chelsea; it’s that bad.

“No offense, but that is one hee-haw horserace of a cover. What were they thinking? Very poor photoshop and someone in editing should have told them. And no, Variety, not cool and say it after me slowly, she’s NEVER going to happen, no matter how hard you try,” reported the conservative site Weasel Zippers. Other patriots agreed with zero replies to the tweet that had even one positive thing to say.

You’d think if any politician’s daughter from New York was going to grace the cover of the “Power Women of New York,” it would be a real power woman who is from New York, Ivanka Trump. What has Chelsea Clinton ever done in her life to make this cover? Ivanka Trump owns her own business and has championed women’s issues from day one of her father’s campaign.

It was Variety Magazine who listed Ivanka’s many attributes, making it very suspect just how Chelsea Clinton ended up on the cover of a “Power Women in New York” issue. Back in September, Variety Magzine reported, “If you know Ivanka, you have not been surprised to see her emerge during this crazy campaign season as a leader advocating for serious policies to support American women and their families — these are issues she has been championing for years. It took real courage for Ivanka to stand before 35 million Americans, including many who had not previously focused on these issues before, to help advance substantive policies that will dramatically improve U.S. law in favor of all women.”

By Variety’s own words, it’s Ivanka Trump who deserved that cover, not Chelsea. It’s over for the Clintons, and it’s time they learned America does not want anyone with DNA of Bill and Hillary anywhere near a political office of any kind. Paying off big time magazines to give Chelsea a cover is so pathetic, and everyone who sees it sees right through it. Well, at least the Clintons gave us all a huge laugh on this one. Chelsea Clinton won’t be elected dog catcher, even with her really bad photoshopped, airbrushed new look — it’s just not enough to fool us again.

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