Cher Wants Trump ‘Locked In A Hot Cage With Dirty Water,’ Gets Epic Smackdown

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Cher is once again freaking out over illegal immigrants. She claimed President Donald Trump is to blame for “unsanitary conditions” at border facilities. Cher’s also spewing leftist propaganda claiming Trump’s to blame for diseases and sexual abuse of migrants. That’s why she wishes the president was “locked in a hot cage with dirty water.”  Well, the 72-year-old pop icon got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and Cher (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Left-wing pop singer Cher is once again on the attack against President Donald Trump over immigration policy as she reacts to the newest reports of ICE detentions.

Cher jumped to her Twitter account to bemoan the renewed reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is holding children of illegal immigrants who tried to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cher was apparently so incensed that she said she wished the president was “Locked In Hot Cage, With Dirty Water,” and she went on with a series of unsupported accusations:

Cher knows better. A few months ago, she used her own brain and tweeted out support of tougher immigration policies saying the homeless population should come first before we help illegals. Immediately, she got blasted by leftists.

So, it appears Cher is back to citing fake news and leftist propaganda reports on the border crisis.

Her claim that children are “locked in hot cages with dirty water” is dubious. The reason many of these communicable diseases abound is that hundreds of these people have never been vaccinated and are bringing diseases we have nearly eliminated.

“Worse, Cher seems wholly ignorant that many of these little children are being trafficked and exploited by evildoer, coyotes, and that most of them are not the children of the illegal aliens trying to bring them into the U.S. Indeed, one of the principal reasons immigration services take custody of the children is to determine if they are being bought and sold by smugglers — and many are,” Breitbart reports.

But that’s not all. 

What about the hundreds of American families who are still seeking justice after illegal aliens murdered their family members? One such father is Angel Dad Chris Odette, whose daughter Chrishia was murdered by an illegal migrant.

Days before Father’s Day, Odette retold the story of Chrishia’s death in a podcast. Odette says that despite years passing, there has been no charges or conviction of the illegal alien who hit and killed 13-year-old Chrishia in a car crash on September 12, 2014.

Chris & Chrishia Odette (Photo Credit:

“There has been no real justice for my daughter,” Odette said. He relives the last moment he saw her alive when he dropped her off at friend’s home to spend the night. “I gave my daughter a hug goodnight and she ran inside excited to spend the night with friends,” Odette said.

About 30 minutes later, Odette received word that Chrishia had been in an accident and rushed to the friends’ house only to get into a car accident, himself, on the way. From the accident, police took Odette to the hospital to see Chrishia.

“They took me into the emergency room entrance … and a doctor came to me and asked me what my daughter’s name was,” Odette said. “And I told Chrishia and I heard them tell another doctor … that Jane Doe’s name was Chrishia. He told me her injuries were pretty severe.”

At the hospital, Chrishia was declared dead.

“When he said that he was a 36-year-old male without a license, I immediately stopped him and said ‘How could you be a 36-year-old male and not have a license?’ And the officer told me, which turned out to be a lie, they told me that they believed he may be in the U.S. illegally,” Odette said. “They already knew it. They’d known it from the moment that they started collecting his information.”

“I asked him ‘Is the guy going to go to jail for killing my daughter?’ And he told me that they still have to do the investigation, that he had voluntarily taken a blood and urine test to find out if he had any drugs or alcohol in his system,” Odette said. “But if there was nothing in his system, that it was likely that he wouldn’t be charged.”

On his own, Odette discovered that the man who hit and killed his daughter had been living in the U.S. as an illegal alien for 15 years and had two warrants out, one for driving without a license and one for speeding. The warrants were four years old at the time.

To date, the illegal alien has only ever been ticketed for driving without a license and was never charged for Chrishia’s death. Even more disturbing, Odette explained, was that the day of the accident, the illegal alien was swiftly released from police custody.

“In the later days I found out that he was released,” Odette said. “I had to look up this information myself because I went a few days later to pick up my daughter’s belongings and I was given a copy of the accident report … I looked on the county website and found that he had been released 36 minutes after he was arrested that night.”

In January 2016, the illegal was once again arrested by I.C.E. agents, and a month later a judge gave him bail despite the authorities saying that he was a flight risk. If the Odette family couldn’t get justice in this country for their daughter, at least he could be deported and never let back in.

However, just like so many who are let go and promise to come back for their hearing, this illegal alien who killed Chrishia Odette never came back. He is still at large. He has been arrested several times by Border Patrol agents, and every time he is let go back into the community thanks to the broken system.

Chris Odette says he is sick of celebrities like Cher who take the side of illegals. “Those in Hollywood make me sick. They care more about criminals who are here illegally more than they do about Americans who are harmed and sometimes killed by these migrants. How dare they talk about justice? How about justice for my dead daughter?”

Why can’t people like Cher pull their head out of leftist propaganda long enough to learn the truth? Until then, we will be stuck with this broken system. Chris Odette is right. He says we need the wall, but more importantly, we need to fix the policies that let the illegals go free.

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