Cher’s Sad America Won’t Be Great In Her Lifetime Due To Trump, Instantly Regrets It

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Cher is so sad that America won’t be great in her lifetime. The 72-year-old icon claims she has done a lot of reading on fascism and nationalism and has “really done her homework.” She’s scared that the world may come to end due to all the damage President Donald Trump has done. Well, the aging singer instantly regretted her words as Americans gave her a reality check.

President Donald Trump (left), Cher (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

The Washington Post caught up with Cher in Las Vegas as she wrapped up a performance at the Park MGM theater. And, there’s no doubt she has had a legendary career, but claiming she is now an expert on political matters is taking it a little too far.

But, that’s what the Washington Post thinks, reporting, “She’s not just another Hollywood liberal trolling the right. Cher has done her homework, reading deeply on the history of fascism and nationalism. She takes in several newspapers and breaking-news alerts a day, tweeting out links with fresh outrage. She’s been known to call in to MSNBC and fret about an irreparable erosion of American values.”

The Post asked Cher about surviving a nuclear war. There’s an old joke maintaining that the only things that will be left are cockroaches and Cher. “Cockroaches and Cher,” she replies. “I don’t know who said it, but I find it amusing.”

With the end of the world constantly on her mind, she was asked if she’d survive. She sort of giggled, sort of sighed. “Not this one,” she said. “I wouldn’t last through what [President Trump] could do. There’s no lasting. Not even me. Not even cockroaches.”

Cher then reminisced about meeting her mother’s gay friends at 10-years-old. “And I thought, ‘Why haven’t I met guys like this before? These guys are amazing [and] having so much fun,'” she recalled.

“The more we get mixed, the more we are tolerant. Eventually, it’s going to be great,” she said. “But I don’t know if I’ll see it in my lifetime, because Trump has done so much damage and I’m not sure people really understand how deep the damage goes.”

Then, there’s the whole Kennedy Center Honors fiasco in Washington, DC. Cher is slated to be honored, and she had to get in another cheap shot at the president. “If this were a world where Cher always got what she wanted, she would have already received the honor from President Barack Obama. Now, she says she is relieved that President Trump and the first lady won’t show up for the event,” reported the Post.

Well, Americans weighed in on Cher’s remarks, and they see America in a very different light. Twitter user Naoma Cummings tweeted, “Oh yes, of course, Cher wants to blame Trump for everything from the disappearance of the red squirrel to black lung disease… why you ask? Because Cher has no other lyrics to sing about. I find it hard to take a giant parrot seriously.”

Twitter user @DickGivin let her have it, posting, “ Youre a moron. Why do u think we don’t understand, or that u understand better than reg. ppl? Because youre rich? This is why people voted for Trump. They are tired of u and elites thinking they know better.”

Then, “Matty Enders MAGA Veteran” suggested Cher leave, posting, “Dear @cher, you said, ‘America may not be great in my lifetime because of the damage @realDonaldTrump’ has done. If you’re that much of a miserable liberal you can leave. Don’t you realize that our @POTUS is fixing the damage that @BarackObama caused for 8 years? @AmericaIsGreat.”

Cher should stick to music. She sounds like a conspiracy theorist with all her doom and gloom. And, it’s just downright embarrassing that she claims she’s read a few books so she’s not just some “liberal troll.” Of course, she is. The only difference is that she’s famous.

Once again, Cher reminds middle-class folks why we detest the Hollywood crowd lecturing Americans on politics. They have no special degree, no expertise in world affairs. Yet, the leftist media promotes their words like they’re sacred and we should all realize they know more than we do. Poor Cher. She’s as wacky as any other liberal loon out there.

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