Chick-Fil-A Customer Sees What Homeless Man Brought Inside, Realizes What He Has To Do

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As several people were eating at a Chick-fil-A in Kentucky, they never could have anticipated what they would see during their meal. In fact, several customers were left stunned after witnessing a complete stranger approach a homeless man and seeing what he dared to do as all eyes were on him.

Chik-Fil-A Customers See Stranger Approach Homeless Man, Stunned Over What He Dared To Do
Kyle Cassady (left), stock photo of a Chick-fil-A (center), Hallie Cassady (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/WBKO, v343790/Wikimedia Commons)

As Kyle Cassady and his daughter Hallie sat eating at the Bowling Green Chick-fil-A, they watched a needy man walk into the restaurant, seemingly looking for some refuge from the cold weather. He looked exhausted and poor, wearing a pair of beat-up shoes that were being held together by duct tape.

After several moments passed, the man, thought to possibly be homeless, geared up to go back out into the frigid weather, but that’s when the Kyle and Hallie saw a stranger approach him. As they watched, they were left completely stunned by what the stranger did next.

Even with everyone in the restaurant watching, the stranger didn’t hesitate. “The guy goes, ‘Sir?’ and he goes ‘Yes?’ And [the first man] just looked at him in the eyes and took off his boots, and handed [them] to him,” Hallie said, according to WBKO.

Yes, you read that right. This generous Chick-fil-A customer saw a struggling man who was in dire need of shoes, walked right up to him, and gave him the boots right off of his own feet.

Afterwards, Hallie grabbed her dad’s phone to snap a picture of the then-shoeless good Samaritan. While ignoring all of the eyes that were now watching him, the kind man simply sat back down and finished his own meal, wearing nothing but socks. Although Hallie didn’t get a picture of the interaction the kind stranger had with the needy man, what she did capture has left people stunned.

Kyle posted the photo on Twitter with a caption that read, “Just witnessed an awesome act of kindness by this gentleman taking off his boots during his meal at the (BG) Chick-fil-A to give to a man in need with shoes that were being held together with duct tape.” As one can imagine, the image has since garnered a lot of much-deserved attention and praise.

As for Kyle, he feels fortunate that he and his family were able to witness such a kind deed. “As a parent, you always want good examples and role models for your kids … [Hallie] got to see something that you don’t see every day,” he explained, according to Fox News.

People on social media were completely stunned over what they were seeing, and they were full of praise for the kind stranger. “Way to go brother pay it forward,” one person wrote. “There ARE good people in the world,” another stated. However, there was one particular comment that stood out above all the rest.

Remarkably, the needy man, identified on Twitter as Thomas Swingle, eventually stumbled upon the man’s tweet and even commented, exposing a little more about the story than what was originally known. “I am the man who was given the boots, long story behind the boots with one boot held together with duck tape. But I am so greatful… And i have thought of that moment at least 5 times everyday since (3days) so far. I am so greatful this has become news worthy. Im willing to work [sic],” he wrote.

This entire incident has proven that God is always hard at work. Not only does this man now have a reliable pair of boots to get him through this tough winter, but many people are learning an important lesson on kindness. And, what better way to teach others about kindness than demonstrating it yourself, just like this Chick-fil-A customer did. May this be a reminder to us all that a simple, kind act can change not only someone’s day but their week or even their life, and let it encourage us all to do something similar.