Chick-fil-A Customer Stunned After Seeing What Old Couple Decided To Share

When we take our families out in public, we’re aware that we have very little control over what our children may witness. However, one man had taken his wife and youngest son out to dinner at their local Chick-fil-A, when he was left stunned with what he saw an old man doing with his wife – right in the middle of the restaurant as everyone watched.

The incident was shared by Greg Peterson to the Love What Matters Facebook page, after he was utterly stunned at the events that transpired while he and his family were out to dinner at Chick-fil-A. It all began after Greg, his wife, and his youngest son sat down at a table, intending to eat their dinner. However, sitting across from the family was an elderly married couple who caught the eye of Greg, when he realized what the man was doing with his wife.

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“I was in Chick-fil-A on Friday with my wife and youngest son. He was running around the playground like a wild child, as an elderly couple sat across from us,” Greg explained. “I noticed the wife could barely feed herself, and they had to be in their 80’s.” However, after what he saw occur next, he immediately was left stunned and grateful for what he was witnessing.

Chick-Fil-A Customer Left Stunned After Seeing What Old Man Did To His Wife
The elderly man feeding his wife (Image Source: Love What Matters)

“In the chaos of my own world, here’s a couple who came out to share love,” Greg explained. “He fed his wife patiently as I sat in awe and amazement, witnessing pure love. This couple had it. I snapped a picture as a memory that true love does exist, not just in my own world.”

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When Greg stood up to throw out their trash, he noticed the old man stand up. Greg immediately took advantage of the situation and asked the elderly man whether or not he was married to the woman. The man proudly responded, “Yes, 62 years.”

After the two men briefly conversed, Greg learned that the elderly man was 84 and his wife was 82. Sadly, the old man teared up when he informed Greg that his wife suffers from dementia. “I teared up and said thank you for sharing and God bless you for not leaving her in a home,” Greg explained. “He looked at me with soft eyes, I told him I pray that me and my wife make it to our 80’s and are as healthy as them. He shook my hand with a ‘God bless’ and we parted ways.” Greg concluded, “90 seconds of my life that I will never forget. This is proof that love conquers all. Always love, never hate.”

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Sadly, there aren’t too many marriages that survive the test of time and still remain head over heels for one another. However, along with commitment and God’s blessing, every marriage has the ability to endure all of life’s struggles. One thing is for certain – these few couples that still manage to love unconditionally, give the rest of us something to aspire for.