Chick-fil-A Makes It Clear Who They Support & BLM Isn’t Going To Like It

Chick-fil-A is known to support conservative causes, and their latest campaign sends a crystal clear message. They are not leaving any doubt when it comes to who they support, and it’s safe to say the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t going to like what they are doing one bit.

Chick-fil-A is backing the police one hundred percent. It’s a bold move, considering all the hatemongering in society today, but Americans are going to love what their favorite fast food restaurant chain is doing to support our guys and gals in blue.

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Chick-fil-A’s “Back The Blue” t-shirt

Chick-fil-A is doing what it does best, making chicken and taking a conservative stand for what’s right. So, it should not be a total surprise that, in honor of the fallen officers in Dallas, Chick-fil-A has re-ignited a campaign from November, bringing back their Blue Lives Matter t-shirts. The tees worn by Chick-fil-A staff say “Back The Blue,” and they are making a huge splash with law enforcement.

Blue Lives Matter is a movement that counters BLM by encouraging citizens to support police officers that put their lives on the line every single day for citizens across the country. Police officers are here to protect citizens and will do so regardless of color, as long as you cooperate and obey the law. To show support for law enforcement, Chick-fil-A has unveiled their “Back The Blue” t-shirts. [via Top Right News]

It’s been a tough week for the nation and for cops in general, and any type of gesture from the public that shows support is welcome. In this country, where the leftist media rules the airwaves, the only people who cops can count on to spread a truthful narrative are good Americans who don’t buy into the rhetoric of Barack Obama and his regime, which includes our racist Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

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Police officers killed in the line of duty in Dallas.

While Lynch should be calling the Dallas shooting as a hate crime, instead her focus has been protecting Obama’s divisive agenda. After the San Bernadino shootings, Lynch said, “The Justice Department is prepared to take ‘aggressive action’ against people employing anti-Muslim rhetoric that edges towards violence.

Why doesn’t the Dallas shooting warrant the same reaction from Lynch? Shouldn’t she be taking aggressive action against people employing anti-cop rhetoric that edges toward violence? Unfortunately, we will never see that happen. Our “leaders” will never call the Dallas shooting what it was — a hate crime against white officers of the law.

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That is why the little things make a huge difference. Police across the country will continue to risk their lives for us, and wearing a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt is a great first step in combating the evil empire of Barack Obama.

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