[VIDEO] Suspected Child Molester Gets MASSIVE Surprise He Did NOT Want

A Georgia child molester recently got the shock of his life that he neither expected nor wanted, and hidden video captured it all.

Recently, the suspected pervert had started communicating with a 12-year-old girl through the website Omegle, and even knowing her age, he still urged her to meet so the two could have sex, reports TheBlaze. Unfortunately for 25-year-old predator Ryan Salehzadeh, the innocent child’s parents found the messages on her phone, and they took appropriate action before this sicko could rape their daughter.

Salehzadeh continued messaging who he thought was the little girl, and the two eventually agreed to meet in Georgia, where “she” told him her family would be vacationing from Florida. After arranging the meeting at a Newnan hotel, Salehzadeh was seen on hidden camera walking into the lobby, where he was supposed to have caught up with the girl, but much to his shock and surprise, police were waiting with their guns drawn, and another pervert was taken off the streets.

In the messages with officers, who Salehzadeh thought was the girl, he admitted to wanting to have sex with her both at the hotel and at his home in Fayetteville. When police searched his duffel bag, they found the morning after pill, condoms, and other adult novelties along with Gummy Bears.

Salehzadeh was arrested and charged with aggravated child molestation, criminal attempt to commit statutory rape, and enticing a child for indecent purposes. While immediate castration would have been the desirable outcome, he was booked into the Coweta County Jail and is currently being held without bond, thankfully.

Anybody who would try to entice a little girl for sex has no place in our society. In fact, capital punishment seems like it’s appropriate in cases like this, but unfortunately it wouldn’t ever happen.

Regardless, let this be a lesson to all the parents out there to strictly monitor your children’s online activities, so something like this doesn’t happen to you. They don’t earn the right to privacy until they’re adults, and it’s for good reason – heaven forbid these parents weren’t so diligent, and this sicko got ahold of their little girl.