Chinese Woman Paid $3k To Sneak Into U.S., Got Nasty Surprise Shortly After Arrival

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A young Chinese woman conspired to cheat her way into the United States, paying $3000 to do it. However, she might want to request a refund because of what happened shortly after her arrival.

Leyi Huang, 21, paid $3000 to scam her way into Penn State. (Photo Credit: Suuuuummer/Flicker, Erie County, Wikimedia Commons)

Some people would do anything to enter the United States. We know that full well. Illegal immigrants try to enter the Southern border on a regular basis. President Donald Trump has recently been forced to order the National Guard to prevent illegals from slipping across. Despite enforcement and clear laws, people continue to find new ways to cheat the system.

Leyi Huang is a 21-year-old woman from China. Like many people around the world, she wanted to come to America. Among the many reasons that someone like her would enter the U.S., she wanted to enroll in school. Many young people find loopholes in the system by earning a student visa. If they are accepted into college, it’s simply a matter of paperwork. Often, these students stay much longer after their visas expire.

In order to be accepted to Penn State, she had to pass an English-language test. Unfortunately, Huang didn’t meet the school’s minimum score for the test. Without a high score, she would not be admitted.

So, she found the next best thing: paying someone else to take the test for her. Huang paid another student $3,000 to pass the English test. It worked, for a time. Now she’s facing the music as a federal court is sending her back to China.

A Chinese student will be deported after pleading guilty to paying $3,000 to have an impostor take an English-language college entrance exam that helped her get into an American university.

Leyi Huang, 21, was sentenced Monday in federal court in Boston to time served and she agreed to be deported, according to Reuters. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Huang told authorities she paid $3,000 and mailed her Chinese passport to an address in Massachusetts to have Yue Wang, 25, take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam to help her get into Penn State Behrend, the news agency reported, citing court papers. [Source: Fox News]

Apparently, this isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. Many people are desperate to come to America. They’d do anything to get here as quickly as possible. Our laws and standards exist for a reason. Democrats might not want immigration enforcement, but it’s needed. Like every other country in the world, we have a right to decide who’s allowed in.

Huang failed her English test. Instead of accepting that, or perhaps studying harder the next time, she decided to take the easy route. Wang was able to exploit her desperation to make a quick buck. Both cheated the United States and the American people. But as it turns out, Wang has done this before.

Wang also agreed to take the exam for two other students, 24-year-old Shikun Zhang and 21-year-old Xiaomeng Cheng…

Wang was also deported to China after pleading guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States in September 2017, according to authorities. Officials said Wang received nearly $7,000 to take the TOEFL on behalf of the three students. [Source: Boston Globe]

It seems like they were running their own operation. How many more people would Wang have helped enter illegally, had they not been caught? And how many more people are running similar schemes to enter the United States?

Bleeding-heart liberals would say Wang and Huang are guilty of nothing. They were only doing what they could, because of an unjust system. Colleges are forced to set high standards to let students in. Should there even be an English-language test, after all? It’s discriminatory! It’s racist!

Liberals will go on and on to explain how standards and laws shouldn’t exist. They claim that letting people enter our country illegally is “compassionate.” What they don’t tell you is that every person who breaks the law to enter this country insults every American, our laws, and our way of life.

American students don’t get that kind of special treatment. If they cheat on a test, they’ll get thrown out of school. What about all those hard-working foreign students who didn’t cheat? And all those immigrants who played by the rules to come to America fairly and lawfully? When Democrats turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, they insult everyone who respects America enough to obey the law.

Huang’s story will hopefully be a lesson to anyone else that wants to cheat the system. You cannot get away with those kinds of schemes anymore. But don’t be surprised when you hear about similar schemes being discovered in the future. People will always try to scam their way into the U.S. It’s why we need tough laws and secure borders.