Christian Baker Celebrated Big Win In Supreme Court, Has 6 Bold Words For Liberals

The Christian baker who recently celebrated a big win in the Supreme Court has six bold words for the liberals in the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. You won’t want to miss this.

Jack Phillips (left), LGBT Activists (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/The Daily Signal, Congressional Quarterly/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images)

On Monday, June 4, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court handed a shocking victory to a Colorado Christian baker who refused for religious reasons to create a wedding cake for a gay couple, according to Breitbart. The Supreme Court’s decision sent a shockwave throughout the liberal world as they stopped just short of setting a major precedent, allowing Americans to claim exemptions from anti-discrimination laws based on religious beliefs.

In a startling 7-2 decision, the justices said the Colorado Civil Rights Commision showed an impermissible hostility toward religion when it found that baker Jack Phillips violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by rebuffing gay couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig in 2012. The state law prohibits businesses from refusing service based on race, sex, marital status, or sexual orientation. The ruling concluded that the commission violated Phillips’ religious rights under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

The Supreme Court declined to issue a definitive ruling on the circumstances under which Americans can seek exemptions from anti-discrimination laws based on their religious views. Their ruling does, however, open the door for other similar cases to be heard by the Supreme Court.

During his first cable TV interview with Fox NewsFox & Friends, Phillips and attorney Kristen Waggoner with Alliance Defending Freedom expressed their support for the Supreme Court’s ruling. Phillips spoke first about his victory which included six bold words for the liberals in the Colorado Civil Rights Commision

“It was a big win. It was a big win for us and now we’re just looking forward to hopefully getting back into the wedding business and we’ll see how the court ruling affects that,” Phillips said.

I could not agree with more with Phillips. Instead of taking his tremendous victory from the Supreme Court and stepping back to a quieter lifestyle, he is going right back to doing what he loves under the guidelines of his faith. Phillips truly represents the core American values that conservatives fight for and try to preserve on a daily basis in America.

When asked to clarify his decision to get back into the wedding business, Phillips said, “I got into the bakery business, one of the main reasons is because I love doing wedding cakes. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission took that away from me, and now hopefully we can get back and do the baking that I love.”

Phillips’ attorney then weighed in when she was asked to clarify that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission did initially command Phillips to stop being a baker. “Well, it said a whole lot more than that, and Justice Kennedy reflected that in the majority decision. Jack loves and serves anyone who walks in his store. All walks of life but he has never promoted all messages through his cakes. He’s declined a number of different cakes. Halloween messages or cakes that would celebrate divorce so this was just one of many different cakes that he will not bake because he sketches, sculps, and hand-designs artistic expression,” Waggoner said.

When asked how he would respond to those who say that he’s making a bad business decision by turning away certain money-making opportunities that violate his religious beliefs, Phillips said, “Ultimately, I serve everybody who comes into the store. I just don’t create cakes with every message that people ask me to create for them.”

In response to being asked who are the people he would say no to, Phillips responded, “Like Kristen just said, I don’t do cakes for Halloween. I wouldn’t make cakes that were anti-American or that would disparage people in any way. Including people who identify as LGBT. If someone asked me to do a cake like that, then I would tell them no.”

Phillips did emphasize that he has received a good deal of support from his local community throughout this ordeal and hopes to get his business, Masterpiece Cakeshop, back into full operation.

In my opinion, Phillips represents the very best of us. His nearly six-year court battle through the liberal Colorado court system and appeals courts has been tremendously damaging to his personal life and his business as Waggoner noted during the interview. The truth of the matter is that Phillips was persecuted by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission because of his Christian faith, and now that liberal run state agency should answer for their wrongdoing and compensate Phillips for the enormous loss of business and quality of life he has sacrificed.

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