Christian Convert Defies Muslim Terrorists, One Small Gesture Got Him Killed

Remi Lawson became a martyr for the Christian faith, defying the demands of Muslim terrorists. Although the ex-Muslim did not think so, he was definitely a brave man. His story is one like the thousands we too often hear, but the moment of his death was truly heroic. He could still be alive, but instead he chose to commit one small gesture when Islamic jihadists stormed his town — and it cost him his life.

Remi Lawson (left), Boko Haram (right)

In the beginning of June, the town of Bosso in Niger was taken over by the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram. Remi Lawson had just converted to Christianity, and his wife was expecting their first child toward the end of June. Remi had everything to live for.

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He was working with the Missionaries of Africa, who have a compound in Bosso where they take care of the sick, feed the hungry, and do charitable work, helping the very poor. Boko Haram targeted the mission, knowing they were helping convert Muslims to Christianity.

According to Catholic News Agency, “Since his conversion, Remi was known for his boldness in bearing witness to his faith. After dispersing the army, Boko Haram stormed the area where Remi was. They shot him in the left shoulder. When Remi knelt down and made the sign of the cross, one of the extremists shouted: ‘infidel’ and killed him on the spot.”

There is no doubt that Remi absolutely knew that performing this one act of faith, making the sign of the cross, would cause the Muslim scumbags to kill him.  In that split second, after he was shot in the shoulder, his faith took over, and he chose to out himself as a Christian.

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However, his country is denying his sacrifice. His friend Tomas Seunda Jallet reports, “Sadly enough, while the government denied that there had been any civilian casualties, we lost one of our brothers called Remi Lawson.”

Jallet also gives the very bittersweet end to Remi’s story as he says his wife was giving birth at the exact same time Remi was being martyred. “On the same day of his killing, almost at the exact hour, Remi’s wife gave birth to his child at the maternity ward,” said Jallet.

If there is one thing that binds Christians who are killed by Muslim terrorists, it is that their deaths will not be in vain. We, who love freedom and love God, understand the pure evil acting in this world today, and it is the fight to destroy that evil that ties us together. Remi’s life and death may not be remembered by his own country, but anyone who is killed because they stood firm against Muslim terrorists is worth remembering as a hero.

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[h/t Independent Catholic News]

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