Christian Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Muslim Rapist, God Trumps Sharia Law

Last year, Shabana Bibi was living in hell after being kidnapped, raped, and forced to marry her Muslim rapist under Sharia law. The devout Christian is finally free her from her forced slavery, and in a shocking turn of events, she’s getting sweet revenge. The young girl got a miracle from God, and the Muslim man got what he deserves in a story that should leave you cheering as good triumphs over evil.

Shabana Bibi

Shabana Bibi lived with her parents in Lahore, Pakistan when the man who her father hired to transport her to work kidnapped her and locked her up, raping her every day for weeks. After being held captive for a month, the sick Muslim thug held a gun to her head and made her sign paperwork that married them under Sharia law.

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One day, after months of torture, she escaped when Muhammad Afzal, the Muslim thug, accidentally left the door unlocked. She found herself in a rural area and was able to get to a street where she was helped to her parents’ home.

However, her ordeal was not over. Living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the marriage to Afzal was valid. According to Sharia law, authorities would side with Afzal, potentially making her return to his home.

According to Shoebat, “Initially the Muslim fundamentalist judge Munazza Rana ruled according to Muslim law and told Shabana’s father and our lawyer that ‘as per Sharia law she had been converted to Islam and was now the lawful wife of Muhammad Afzal.'”

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Rescue Christians Wins Court Case To Free Christian Girl From Forced Marriage Contract Walid Shoebat (1)
Shabana Bibi and her mother

Luckily, Rescue Christians stepped in and took on Shabana’s case. In a shocking turn of events, they got the case transferred to Family Court in Pakistan, getting the case out of the strict Islamic court that views women as property, and that in itself was a miracle of sorts.

“[O]n the 23rd June 2016 Judge Shamim Watto ordered a decree against this illegal marriage contract and declared that it was a forced marriage. Shabana is now free from this so-call contract and is in a safe place protected by Rescue Christians. Praise the Lord a victory.” [via Shoebat]

Although Shabana is free legally, she is still in danger. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, and as such, the Muslim monster Afzal is still out there. He is not under arrest for his crimes as it is a woman’s word against a man’s, and in Islam, her word means nothing.

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What we can say is that Afzal was defeated by God. Allah’s Sharia law got trumped by the prayers and hard work of Christian lawyers who did the impossible. This time, the good guys won, and we can take comfort knowing this Muslim rapist will have to answer to God one more time — on judgment day.

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