OUTRAGE After Christian Woman Is Fined For “Unnecessary Noise”

One of the ways that Martha Nagbe ministers to her community is by praying while she walks the city sidewalks near her home in Lisbon, North Dakota.

But last month, the pastor’s wife received fines and a citation for “unnecessary noise” after her praying caught the attention of several individuals who felt she was disturbing the peace.

OUTRAGE After Christian Woman Is Fined & Banned From Praying

The couple, who came over from Africa to seek out better opportunities and religious freedoms, are now having their rights violated, as local police have now prohibited the woman from praying in downtown Lisbon or in the neighborhoods near the Methodist church her husband pastors.

But regardless of the two court dates and $150 she’s paid, Nagbe states she will not stop praying for her community.

“In the United States it’s one nation under God,” Nagbe told Valley News KVLY.

Her husband, Pastor Juwle Nagbe, said the incident was completely disrespectful to his wife.

“For them to antagonize her, to make her look like a bad person, sometimes makes me angry,” he said.

Law enforcement responded to the incident, saying that members of the community had complained about the woman’s loud praying and praising. Police Chief Jeanette Persons called Nagbe’s actions “disturbing the peace.”

OUTRAGE After Christian Woman Is Fined & Banned From Praying

“We all need prayers and great she’s out there praying for all of us, but it’s just the volume of her voice,” Persons said, noting some neighbors claimed they had been awakened by Nagbe standing near their home shouting. “It’s not that she just walks by, but she will stand out there for a lengthy period of time.”

The police chief went on to say that as long as the woman continues to pray, she will be fined. Is this even America anymore?

OUTRAGE After Christian Woman Is Fined & Banned From Praying

A Christian woman is fined and prohibited from praying out loud, while at the same time huge groups of Muslims in America can drop down on all fours and block traffic in the middle of a busy city whenever they feel compelled to worship their pagan deity.

Our rights are being stripped away. This is political correctness gone mad.

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