Christian Women Fight Back, Secret Weapon Strikes FEAR In Islamic State

A group of Christian women is threatening the Islamic State, and they aren’t messing around. These women know that to defeat bullies you need to call them on their crap and follow through with a plan that strikes fear in their hearts. They possess something that literally scares the hell out of the terrorists, and you’ll be cheering them on as they bring the Islamic State to its knees.

Christian women in Qaa, Lebanon take up arms

Christian women in Lebanon are sick and tired of the Islamic State’s campaign of raping and pillaging Middle Eastern cities. Instead of abandoning their homes, they decided to fight back, and they alone are uniquely qualified to be a credible threat against the terrorists.

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“We will not allow Lebanon to become a new Iraq. We will not flee, we have weapons and are ready to protect ourselves,” one woman from Qaa told Assyrian campaign group A Demand for Action (ADFA).

She said that all women in the village have decided to arm themselves. “Jihadists think they go to hell if they are killed by women, we will send them straight to hell,” she added. [via Christianity Today]

The town of Qaa has a predominantly Christian population, and that has made it a target. Last Wednesday, five people were killed and more than a dozen wounded after eight suicide bombers blew themselves up in the town square.

Melkite Catholic Archbishop Elias Rahal traveled to the city after the attacks and told them to fight, not flee. “We are here and we are here to stay. Let them come. They [ISIS] won’t like what they find,” he said.

Indeed, these Christians are not backing down, and the women of Qaa are showing that not all women in the Middle East are in the grips of the evil Sharia law of Islam. They are taking up arms, patrolling their town, and protecting everything that is dear to them. What these Christian women stand for is an abomination to most Middle Eastern Muslim men, where women can’t even go out in public without a man accompanying them.

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As Americans hear of stories like this one, they should first get angry, then rally behind those standing against the evil that is the Islamic State. ISIS is a prime example of genocidal maniacs running rampant, and the picture of these Christian women standing guard, as noble as it is, is still an embarrassment to America, whose leaders created and then catered to these terrorists.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created ISIS and have done nothing but kissed the butts of Iran and Saudi Arabia since. Hillary will continue Obama’s policies, so all Americans better realize what this election is about — good vs. pure evil.

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